Houston Astros Used Buzzers To Relay Signs In Cheating Scandal (Report)

On a day where the Mets parted ways with Carlos Beltran due to the Houston Astros cheating scandal, we may have received even more information. 

Today, the New York Mets parted ways with former Yankees advisor Carlos Beltran after him being noted as a key component to the Houston Astros infamous 2017 cheating scandal. On Wednesday, an account that claims to be Beltran’s “niece” took to Twitter and let everyone know a day before that her uncle was going to be stepping down as Mets manager, she was right.

She has taken to Twitter again today to “expose” even more information about those cheating boys from Houston. She mentions that both Jose Altuve & Alex Bregman wore devices on their right shoulders that buzzed from the hallway video guy. This is a theory that has been presented since video surfaced of Altuve preventing his teammates from ripping off his shirt, but blaming it on his wife’s wishes.

Houston Astros

Now, this girl probably isn’t the most reliable of sources at this point in time, but this is definitely something to keep an eye on. Michael Kay even touched on it on his show on Wednesday and believed this could be the reason why Altuve was so scared about his jersey being ripped off. She even claims that she has pictures from the lockers of the players that show these devices. After her correctly saying her uncle would step down as manager the day before he did, I wouldn’t doubt anything at this point.

Only time will tell how everything will end up playing out and whether or not the Astros will be exposed even more heavily with more information coming out as the days go on. Also, don’t forget, we are also still waiting on news of how long Alex Cora’s suspension will be for his role in this whole scandal.

A lifetime ban probably isn’t out of the question at this point for Cora, especially because of how he used his tactics for two separate franchises and ended up winning the World Series both years.

UPDATE (2:42 PM ET): The account in question is not a family member of Carlos Beltran, but more likely the burner account of someone with inside information on the situation. 

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