It’s time for the Yankees to add an alternate uniform

The game of baseball is getting younger, and with that, is it time for the New York Yankees to consider adding an alternate uniform?

The New York Yankees are the most prestigious sports franchise in history, as the Yankees and their fans take pride in the rich history of the organization. But, as a new decade is approaching, it is now time for the Bombers to add a new road uniform to the rotation.

There are Yankees fans that are totally against the idea of adding a new uniform and there are fans that are totally for it. When you separate the two groups of Yankees fans, the ones who do not like the idea seem to be older and more experienced, as the ones who do like the idea seem to be the younger generations.

The game of baseball has been drastically changing. The younger generation of fans enjoy home runs, bat flips, a big personality, and variety in uniforms. The Yankees are a team that have all that, but need to get in on the excitement of a new uniform.

Nike has taken control of Major League Baseball’s new uniforms. Fans have been dying over the new looks of their favorite players. Seeing a player look clean and cool on the field with their new uniform  can only bring more attention to the ball club and therefore more revenue. The concept is similar to advertising. Fans love to see change, especially if it is a new aesthetic to their team. Altering uniforms every once and a while can bring a new sense of fandom to the Yankees and rejuvenate the team and fans altogether. Seeing your favorite team wear new and cool uniforms will get the fans reinvested immediately.

The uniform that the Yankees should add is the 2019 Player’s Weekend look. The black on black is an unorthodox approach by the Bombers. Some fans were skeptical with the look as others really loved it. With that being said, the nicknames should not be on the back, as it should only include the player’s number, as this is Yankee tradition. Alternating the black on black with the grays on the road will only make fans want to buy the new uniform and see it live in person at games. The black on black should never be worn at home because the pinstripes are what make the Yankees, the Yankees. It is an iconic and popular look at Yankee Stadium.

Are Yankees fans really too connected to the road grays that they would not want to add another uniform? Well, maybe the Bombers will wear the black on black uniform to enliven a west coast trip. Nike could go all out on the black on black and totally wash away the grays, calling for the new uniform to be their road jerseys.

All in all, the game of baseball is changing. Batters are not getting drilled for showing up the pitcher as much as it used to happen. Players are administering energy into a game that tons of fans think take too long and lack action. The Yankees are a team that likes to stick to the old school routes. However, it is now time for the Yankees to jump on the bandwagon of replenishing their uniforms, or they will become known as the old men of MLB.


  1. I would certainly welcome to change to Yankee uniforms. However, you must be kidding about the 2019 players weekend uniforms. I was at the game in LA and I couldn’t even make out the numbers on the backs. Worst uniform ever!

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