Who could the Yankees trade away for Josh Hader?

With the recent rumors of the Yankees showing interest in Josh Hader, we take a look at the potential package New York could put together to land him. 

In order to better answer the question of who the Yankees should send away for Josh Hader, we have to understand where the 2020 Yankees need improvement. As of now, Aaron Hicks is said to be out until July, while the return of Brett Gardner seemingly answers left field. We don’t really need to discuss right field or any other position in the field other than first base, for now.

Most fans in 2019 would have surely noticed how right-handed the lineup was and would probably say that a flourishing Greg Bird would have worked wonders for that team. Brian Cashman stated prior to the Gerrit Cole announcement that he could imagine Miguel Andujar taking reps at first base, come spring training. Cashman obviously would be best off describing any prospect the Yankees have as one with a future within this very organization.

The idea of Andujar playing first base seems like it has a shelf life, but keeping him at third base would surely surge his value. Most members of the staff have previously alluded to the fact third base will be occupied by rising star, Gio Urshela. Lastly, Clint Frazier is another high ceiling prospect the Yankees have already witnessed brilliance from, on the offensive side of the ball. 

The name that sticks out to head to Milwaukee has to be Frazier, right? There is no doubt that both Frazier and Andujar need work with the glove, but Andujar has had no trouble keeping the fans behind him. The way Clint Frazier has handled New York (that can be unfair at times) has been lackluster at best. I personally wouldn’t give a rip about early growing pains if I saw some type of effort towards a more mature and accountable Frazier. Unfortunately, in recent weeks he hit the headlines again discussing the Astros sign stealing scandal on Twitch. Heading into 2020, Frazier still seems like a guy that isn’t fully understanding how to navigate a major market sports town. Below is my proposed deal and following moves that would land superstar reliever Josh Hader in the bronx, while also solving first base:

Yankees receive: Josh Hader 

Brewers receive: Miguel Andujar and Clint Frazier

The Yankees have cheap options available to help at first base like, Eric Thames. He would help alleviate the righty-heavy 2020 roster, while also allowing New York to sweeten the package enough to lock up Hader for cheap until 2024.

All of this is done while protecting the real prize in 16-year-old, Jasson Dominguez. Winning the World Series is never easy and I believe the time is always now when you have an opportunity to acquire a player like Josh Hader. We’ll all wait in the coming days to see what materializes.

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