So the Yankees signed Gerrit Cole, now what?

What trades and signings are next for the Yankees after they finally land their big fish in Gerrit Cole during the Winter Meetings?

Ladies and gentlemen, the New York Yankees have got their man.

Just as the clock struck midnight on Tuesday, December 10th, 2019, Jon Heyman broke the news that Gerrit Cole was taking his talents to the Bronx on a 9-year, $324 million deal with a no-trade clause and an opt-out after the fifth year.

Gerrit Cole: Ace of the Yankees

I’m sure you would already know, but Cole’s numbers are really dang good. In 2019, Cole pitched to a 2.50 ERA in 33 starts (212.1 innings pitched) and 326(!!!) strikeouts for the Cy Young runner-up. That season was a followup to when Cole had a 2.88 ERA in 200.1 innings and 276 strikeouts. Gerrit Cole, you see, has not only been an ace for one but two seasons. He’s the real deal.

Cole’s now poised to slot into the front of a rotation with Luis Severino, James Paxton and Masahiro Tanaka behind the righty. That rotation, if we’re being honest, is really, really good, even with currently four pitchers (more on that later). For the first time in a long time, the Yankees have landed an ace and caught the biggest fish on the free-agent market, and that’s incredibly refreshing. “Gerrit Cole: Ace of the Yankees” has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

So What’s Next?

Although the big fish is in the boat, there’s still more work to be done. As I mentioned, the Yankees have a rotation currently of Cole, Severino, Paxton, and Tanaka with a guy like Jordan Montgomery looking to be the fifth man. Personally, I would expect the Yankees to look to add another starter via trade, whether it be a depth piece or someone that can be a competent number 5, I think the Yankees look into signing or trading for another starter.

Another position to watch: relief depth. With Dellin Betances a free agent, the Yankees have been linked to Blake Treinen. However, the bombers have put most of their other business ordeals on the “back burner” while they gunned for Cole. Expect the Treinen rumors to ramp back up over the next few weeks.

Last but not least, keep your eyes peeled on Brett Gardner. We’ve heard rumors that the Yankees are fully intent on bringing Gardner back and that a deal is, in a way, expected. Now that Cole is squared away, expect the Gardner talks to move along fairly quickly and expect him back in Yankee Pinstripes within the next few days.

But for now, it’s a time for celebration. The New York Yankees have finally signed themselves a true ace, and there’s no reason fans shouldn’t be rejoicing across New York City.

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