4 players the Yankees could trade this offseason

The hot stove is filled with Gerrit Cole rumors, but the New York Yankees could still make a trade this offseason to better the roster.

All of the talk this around the hot stove regarding the New York Yankees has been about Gerrit Cole. That’s great and it should be the top priority, but there are other moves to be made as well. Some include adding other free agents while others could come in the form of potential trades.

This offseason is a crucial one for the Yankees and general manager Brian Cashman. That shouldn’t be understated. Currently in one of the best win-now windows they seen in a while, it is time to capitalize on opportunities to build a World Series contender. Giving the aforementioned Cole a blank check comes before all, but trades could help the Yankees too.

Here are four players the Yankees could trade away this offseason:

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J.A. Happ | SP | Age: 37

This is one of the most intriguing trade candidates for the Yankees. Though it could be hard to find a suitor, the Yankees aren’t afraid of testing the trade market or the veteran left-hander. There are reports that the Bronx Bombers are actively shopping Happ in hopes to find something in return.

After a stellar seven-game stretch with the Yankees in 2018, Happ was a completely different pitcher in 2019. He went 12-8 recording 161 1/3 innings pitched with a 4.91 ERA. What was most alarming about Happy’s campaign was the number of home runs he allowed. Giving up a career-high 34 dingers, Happ allowed a long ball once every six innings pitched.

It will be tough for the Yankees to move Happ. Not only is he coming off of a brutal season the money won’t make other teams to excited. Happ is set to make $17 million in each of the next two seasons. If the Yankees want to move that kind of money, they are likely going to have to eat some of it.

Regardless, a deal can still get done if the Yankees truly want to ship Happ off and look toward building up the young depth at the back end of the rotation.

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  1. Outstanding insight provided along with exceptionally rare objectivity, Mr. Hickey. As a longtime baseball and NY Yankee fan, and “recovering New Yorker”, I am compelled to offer THAT NY OPINION! You are incredibly on target re: timing AND URGENCY! As most try and remember, pitching and defense win rings, period. The unfortunate situation that continues to keep the fans from understanding why German was “stolen” last season at such a crucial time is THE reason the Yankees of the past decade ended it by taking THAT “monkey” off of “my” generations NY Yankees of the 80’s! If I may, enter my time machine and come along to 1990….

    (Cue: backround Bob Sheppard introducing to the plate “…now batting … for the New York Yankees … number 23 …)

    “Look at my wall Dad!” a young strapped handsome (yours truly) loudly and joyously proclaims.

    “Nice, son. Can I bring your attention to this one poster that you display so proudly?”

    “You got it Dad! That’s right! The Yankees the winningest team in all of baseball in the eighties!”

    “I see that. Might I ask, what do have to show for that valid misrepresented and misinterpreted owned slogan?”


    “Best SECOND PLACE TEAM around!”


    Returning to this moment with you Mr. Hickey, I thank you for riding alongside me, AND reshare “THAT” pain and reality that my very intelligent and REAL father introduced me too! Yes sir, other than 1981, a “strike” split season in which a the second half NY team, showed up in post season to represent THAT first half representation. I’ll spare you what should remain for my therapist later today! Ok, no … did you know Dave Winfield … ok, no Eddie, STOP!

    My sincerest apologies sir. As all know, The HOF BRAINCHILD that is Brian Cashman, mentored by “Stick”, and is/has become in all of our hearts, once again needs to bring change that NY fans demand. World Championships!

    That “monkey”? Sorry kiddies, but your generarion of NY Yankees appeared in ZERO World Series in your decade.

    I almost feel like Mickey Mantle when Reggie passed his ALL TIME STRIKE OUT KING MARK!

    I jest! Bottom line: NEED to match 1thru4 of any organizations rotation, period! And YES, WE are impatient! And NO, we don’t want to sell our “souls” ala this year’s Astros…THAT time machine’s Seattle Mariners of 1995, another Houston team that USED THAT same “big unit” and another left unnamed dramaqueen dominant splitter arm…

    You still there Mr. Hickey? I know you are and don’t expect many others to be!

    On point sir! Refreshing to read objectively written facts that actually are brought to us with true insight! As you were sir!

    And “u kno what? If freekin’ Cole don’t want us, screw ’em! Somebody tell dat kid, hey “machine”, we seen uuu human too pal! You got any idea what u missin over here in pinstripes? Fahgetabout it!”

    Bite that bullet and chance Andujar and throw in Frazier and that young inf prodigy AND GET this team THAT arm Santa Cashman!

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