4 Candidates Yankees Could Consider For Pitching Coach

The New York Yankees are looking for a new pitching coach to replace Larry Rothschild. These are four candidates they could consider.

Before the start of the offseason, the New York Yankees officially fired pitching coach Larry Rothschild on Monday. After nine seasons working with the pitching staff, the Yankees will be looking for a new coach to fill the role.

Who the Yankees will bring in to work with the staff under manager Aaron Boone isn’t at all clear. It has been reported the Yankees don’t have an immediate replacement in mind. Though it could very well be someone unfamiliar, we can still take a look at potential options the Yankees could consider.

Here are four candidates the Yankees could consider as the new pitching coach:

David Cone

Everyone’s favorite to replace Rothschild. As soon as the news was made official, Yankees twitter exploded with the desire to hire Cone. Though it isn’t clear if Cone wants to join the coaching circle, he would make a great option. A true bulldog on the mound, Cone was a fixture during the Yankees’ World Series run from 1996-1999.

What makes Cone such a great option isn’t just the mentality and production he brought to the mound during his playing days. Though two 20-win seasons and a Cy Young award does help. But he is the ideal blend of having an old-school mentality with that of using analytics to understand new ways to improve. Makin Cone the pitching coach would certainly help, but it remains to be seen if he would leave his current role as a broadcaster for YES Network.

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