World Series: Who Should Yankees Fans Be Rooting For?

Even though the Astros eliminated the Yankees from the ALCS, would it make fans feel better if Houston went all the way and won the World Series?

With more than a week gone by, sadly the Yankees are still eliminated from playoff contention and the Houston Astros have yet again a 3-2 lead in another postseason series. After taking a road game five, the Houston Astros look to win their second World Series in 3 years displaying a mini dynasty. The Yankees have had their fair share of runs over the course of their long history, but the Astros have been there every step of the way as of late. Now that Yankee fans have had time to shake off the depressed phase of a grueling ALCS loss who do you want to win the World Series?

Knee jerk reaction would have most people pulling for the Nationals in the Fall Classic. Do we really want the Nationals to win the World Series though? What looks better, losing to the World Series champions or the runner up? The better team is clearly the Astros and to have them lose to a National League team after all the trouble the Yankees went through would be a debacle.

With the exception being the Red Sox, all Yankees fans should want the AL to win the World Series. I am a firm believer in the league’s perception and having an AL team constantly win the World Series might put an end to the pitcher batting. The National League hasn’t been the superior league in some time and there has always been the back-and-forth debate as to which league is the hardest to play in.

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While the American League is top heavy and the National League seems more balanced, no one can question how dominant the heavyweights of the AL are. Besides the Minnesota Twins, I have an enormous amount of confidence that any AL playoff team could have won the World Series this year. The Nationals having an outstanding season is no fluke, but the reality is the AL is so much more battle tested and with the advantage of the DH, has more of a complete offense.

So yes, I am rooting for the Astros to win the World Series, they are the best team in the league and it isn’t even close. The Nationals have kept the series close and even put it into question, but the Astros know how to bounce back from anything. It will help me sleep at night knowing if the Yankees just get to the big one that they will be able to get 28, but they have to get there first.

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