Report: Yankees Outraged Over Astros’ Alleged Sign Stealing

The New York Yankees are reportedly outraged with the Houston Astros allegedly stealing signs during Game 1 of the ALCS.

In what is turning out to be an intense ALCS between the New York Yankees and Houston Astros, both teams are looking for any type of edge they can get over the other. However, the Yankees reportedly feel a line has been crossed.

During Game 1 of the ALCS, the Yankees reportedly became angry with the Astros after noticing a whistling sound coming from the latter’s dugout. They interpreted this as a form of indicating what pitch was coming, per Andy Martino of SNY.

“Yankees players and coaches became angry with the Astros during Game 1 of the ALCS when they noticed a whistling sound in the Astros’ dugout — which they believed was an over-the-line example of sign stealing, and a violation of the game’s unwritten rules,” wrote Martino. “According to three sources, a Yankees coach noticed a whistling sound in the opposing dugout on certain pitches on Saturday night in Houston. The Yankees started yelling across the field, and people in the dugouts argued back and forth.”

Even though the game in reference resulted in Masahiro Tanaka giving the Yankees a stellar outing, it’s obvious there is concern. James Paxton and Gary Sanchez used multiple signs in Game 2—even with no runners on. Luis Severino appeared to vary his pre-pitch set up to avoid any indications. It is clear the Yankees feel something is up.

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Whether the Astros were using the whistling as a form of relay to the hitter probably won’t be made known. But the Yankees reportedly weren’t happy with the alleged method of indication for the Astros hitters.

It didn’t seem to have an impact on Tanaka in Game 1. He went six strong innings without allowing a run in the 7-0 win. The report also states that the Astros stopped the alleged whistling in Game 2. That didn’t help Paxton, though, who pitched just 2.1 innings before coming out.

“According to sources, the Yankees’ loud objections on Saturday night led to the Astros cutting the whistling act in Game 2,” wrote Martino.

Regardless, the Yankees are down 2-1 in the series. They have two games left at Yankee Stadium where they will try to force the series to go back to Houston.

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