Yankees: Two Bench Players Who Can Be Difference-Makers

It’s almost ALDS time for the Yankees and while looking at their potential roster, their bench looks like it can be very dangerous. 

The Yankees have made it back to the postseason and have finally avoided the Wild Card game. We finally get to line up our pitching how we want. But what comes with the postseason is the struggle of making the roster. There are many decisions that go into making the roster in terms of the bullpen and the bench. The Yankees will, of course, carry Romine as their backup catcher. But there are two guys that can be huge impact players off the bench for the Yankees.

Tyler Wade

If you told me when the season started that Tyler Wade would be an impact player for the Yankees in the postseason, I would have laughed in your face. But this season, Tyler Wade has finally shown his potential. In the month of September, Wade slashed .297/.366/.486. While he won’t be much of a factor hitting in the postseason, there are two things that Wade brings to the team off the bench.


Something that was known about Wade when he was coming up in the minors was that he was a very good fielder and could play multiple positions. Tyler Wade has shown that this year as he has played every infield position but first and can play all outfield positions. This is something that can come in handy as the second and most important tool he brings is speed.

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Wade is fast, really fast and he will most likely be used as the pinch-runner late in the game. Speed in the playoffs is deadly and is what helped the 2015 Royals win the World Series. Having a guy like Wade who can score on plays that most guys can’t is huge. In the playoffs, every run is important, so being able to steal a couple is a must.

Now, this next player will surprise a lot of you as he will be replacing someone who at the beginning of the season was a lock for a postseason spot.

Mike Ford

Yes, you read that right, I think Mike Ford should be on the bench over Luke Voit as Voit looks hurt and you can’t bring a guy that is half hurt. Mike Ford brings one big tool off the bench. Power, lefty power. Mike Ford got his chance this year and showed the Yankees that he is legit. This season Ford has slashed .259/.350/.559 while hitting 12 homers. Ford has shown that he can also hit lefties. Ford’s power off the bench could prove to also be a difference-maker for the Yankees in the playoffs.

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