Source: MLB Not Planning To Use “Juiced” Baseballs For 2019 Postseason

After the complaining from everyone all season regarding the “juiced” baseballs it seems that MLB is going back to the non-juiced ones for the postseason. 

There is no doubt that something sketchy went on with the baseballs this season with the tremendous increase in home runs and records being broken left and right. Four teams broke the single-season home run record this year, one that was previously held by the 2018 Yankees.

According to numerous sources, MLB is planning on going back to the older “non-juiced” baseballs for the 2019 postseason in an effort to limit how long games take to be played. It’s just a little bit ridiculous to change a baseball in the middle of the postseason, but MLB does whatever they’d like.

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Many players have been vocal all season regarding how they feel about the changed baseballs and let’s just say the pitchers aren’t too happy. “Yeah, we’re curious,’’ Washington Nationals closer Sean Doolittle said. “It’s a fundamental change that they’ve made. We really want transparency because it’s something that feels like it’s really changed, and we obviously weren’t consulted on it beforehand.”

If MLB is indeed going back to the old baseballs in time for the postseason, teams will have to change up their game plan and rely more on clutch pitching and defense rather than swinging for the fences.

The only way to find out whether or not these reports are true is to just sit back and watch the playoffs to see if home runs are still flying out at a historic pace.

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