Giancarlo Stanton Can Be Yankees’ Postseason X-Factor

The New York Yankees have a lineup full of sluggers, but outfielder Giancarlo Stanton has the chance to be the X-factor this postseason.

New York Yankees postseason baseball is almost here. Just four games remain before the Yankees look to capture their 28th World Series title, and there is an X-factor waiting to prove himself in the form of Giancarlo Stanton.

The 29-year-old outfielder hasn’t had the type of season he expected in 2019. He dealt with several long-term injuries—including a trio of shoulder, biceps and calf strains that forced him to miss 68 games. He also dealt with a knee injury that kept him out from June 25 until Sept. 18.

To say that Stanton’s return is crucial for the Yankees’ postseason success is an understatement. He’s arguably the team’s biggest X-factor, meaning he can be the one to swing the momentum at any point. Even with a lineup full of All-Stars and sluggers, Stanton can be a driving force of success for the Yankees.

What Stanton brings to the lineup is well-known. He’s a threat for extra-base hits every time he steps into the batter’s box. Though’s been limited to 55 plate appearances, he recently reminded us of what type of damage he can do when healthy.

Sure, Stanton has his flaws. His approach at the plate is questionable at times, and it often looks as though he doesn’t necessarily have a plan. However, those flaws are well worth the production he brings to the lineup every game. His type of game-changing power can swing the momentum in the Yankees’ favor on one pitch.

There is no denying the notion that consistent pitching is the key to winning playoff games. It’s true. On the flip side, though, doubles and home runs have almost an equal impact on the momentum change throughout a game. If Stanton has shown us one thing since arriving in the Bronx in 2018, it’s that he’s a monster when it comes to extra-base hits.

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What also goes under the radar is Stanton’s defense. He’s not going to win any gold gloves, but he deserves his credit. He was good for five defensive runs saved during the 2018 season in 648.0 innings in the outfield. He isn’t the best outfielder the Yankees have, but he won’t cripple them either.

The Yankees have a lineup filled with power. Stanton doesn’t have to carry the load entirely. But his skillset—while flawed at times—can be the driving force behind postseason success for the Yankees.

Stanton has a lot to prove this postseason. After his struggles in the 2018 ALDS and his injury-riddled 2019 campaign, Stanton can be the X-factor the Yankees need for postseason success.

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  1. Imagine Sanchez, Stanton and Judge taking DJ LeMahieu’s approach to spraying the ball to all parts of the field in the GAPS and not upper cutting those mid OF easy pop flies or striking out on pitches out of the zone.

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