Yankees: Mariano Rivera Receives Presidential Medal of Freedom

New York Yankees legend Mariano Rivera has been honored to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom with a ceremony at the White House on Monday. 

After being the first player to ever be unanimously inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, Mariano Rivera has received the Presidential Medal of Freedom as well.

This should be no surprise to anyone, as Rivera has not been silent with his support for President Trump. Rivera is the co-chair of Trump’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition. He and Trump have also been friends since before Trump’s run into politics.

During his speech, Rivera went into detail about how difficult it was for him to communicate with his teammates when he first arrived in America, but he worked hard at learning English and by the end of the season he was able to talk to everyone. He concluded his speech by saying he is “Proud to be an American.”

There is no doubt that Rivera will not only go down as one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history but with all of his humanitarian work he will go down as one of the greatest people as well.

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