Yankees: What Can We Expect from Luis Severino?

Luis Severino has been hurt all season, but his return is near. What can fans expect from the Yankees’ ace coming back from injury?

Ladies and gentlemen, the return of Luis Severino is upon us.

Sidelined since February with both rotator cuff inflammation and a grade two lat strain, the Yankees ace seems primed for a return soon.

According to, Severino threw a bullpen session Tuesday and is set to face hitters on Thursday, with a rehab start possibly scheduled shortly after. However, once he makes his return, what is a reasonable expectation for Severino, returning from a six-month-long injury.

Bullpen Work?

We’ve heard that Severino may begin his season working out of the bullpen back in July. That thinking would likely be used going forward. It would be foolish to think that Severino, with the division lead in hand, would immediately jump back into the starting rotation without being properly stretched out. The last thing the Yanks want right now is another injury.

Expect Severino to be eased back into a comfortable role. The progress he shows in his velocity and his overall makeup may determine how long before we see Severino start again.


So if Severino isn’t stretched out enough in September, will he be stretched out enough to start in October? Well, that depends. If Severino doesn’t have any setbacks when returning he could “start.” I put “start” in quotations because, in all likelihood, Severino wouldn’t be capable of taking the ball and throwing seven innings. However, he can potentially pitch the first four innings with the bullpen to follow

Although the Yankees failed to add bullpen help at the deadline, we know the Yanks’ relief corps is very strong. The Yankees will likely rely on their bullpen heavily in the playoffs, which could allow Severino to handle the light work. This applies for the rest of the Yankees Starters, too. With a rotation this shaky, the bullpen will be relied on heavily. Not just for Severino, but the rest of the staff, too.

The Yankees Need Patience

In this whole process, the Yankees have been extremely patient. That cannot change as October inches closer. This goes for both Severino and another Injured Yankee, Dellin Betances. Rushing a return from Severino could backfire in injury and/or ineffectiveness, hurting both parties longterm. The Yankees have been patient with injuries all season, that formula can and will continue

With the return of Severino near, expect the Yankees to handle him carefully moving forward. This impact arm, despite in injury troubles, could be a huge piece in the Yankees’ World Series hunt.

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