Does Aaron Boone Deserve The Manager of the Year Award?

The Yankees are currently having one of their best seasons in a very long time, so does Aaron Boone deserve the manager of the year award?

Aaron Boone has been a viral sensation over the past month with the “savages in the box” rant that landed him a mutual respect around baseball fans over the country. Boone has been fired up with the way umps have been calling balls and strikes and he lets it be known. The fearlessness and the support he shows his players is second to none.

Not only does he have the player’s backs, but the players respond and respect Boone. Mangers play a different role in today’s game. Gut related feel to the game with no analytics driven data has been tossed aside to a strictly analytical approach.

This new-age manager is something Boone has been able to thrive in since coming over from the broadcast booth and into the Bronx. Relating to players and handling the media has been his specialty. While fans were giving Boone slack with his bullpen management last year, year two has severed as a better barometer of what he is capable of. Not allowing the bullpen pitchers three straight days is incredibly smart considering how the starters haven’t been able to provide length in games for the majority of the season.

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When all of the injuries started to pile up, Boone’s “next man up” mentality has carried through the locker room and on to the diamond. The guys believe in Booney and it makes perfect sense. Everyone has a fair chance to play and days off are spread out accordingly.

Leading this team to a first place finish in the AL East is his first goal. So far the desired accomplishment seems to be rounding into form. Keeping their composure and not letting the pressure get to them falls on Boone.  Exceeding expectations in that regard is a tremendous step in the right direction. The Yankees could have easily coasted over the course of the dog days of summer but his constant support and consistent lineup and bullpen usage have vaulted him amongst the top of the manger of the year award.

He would rather hold the World Series Trophy than the individual award, but having that in his trophy case would be a big boost of confidence for years to come. From all the critiques that have surfaced over the course of the two years should be put to rest. Everyone has responded well and it is no secret who is the engine of this team.

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