Yankees: Trading For Terrence Gore Was A Great Idea

Last month the Yankees made a severely underrated trade, acquiring Terance Gore from the Royals. He will prove to be pivotal down the stretch. 

On July 7th, 2019, The Yankees acquired Terrence Gore from the Royals for cash considerations. Now at the time not a lot of people cared about the trade, but what people have failed to notice is how good this trade can be. By getting Gore, The Yankees seem to be trying to get some magic by going with the 2015 Royals way. Here is why this trade can be great for the Yankees in the later parts of the season.

Now before we get into why this trade is so great, let me tell you what the 2015 Royals did in the playoffs on their way to winning the World Series. The 2015 Royals were a contact and speed team. They used their ability to get on base and move the runner. But what made them so deadly were the two speedsters they had on the bench. Jarod Dyson and Terrence Gore. In the late stages on the games, they would bring in Dyson or Gore when they got a man on first.

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They almost always took second, which helped manufacture runs. No one could throw them out and they knew they were going to steal. It helped as the Royals won it all with the speed game.

Why this trade is great

Terrence Gore is one of the fastest players in all of baseball. According to Statcast, he is the 8th fastest player in baseball, running at 29.9 feet/sec. So that pretty much means it takes him about 3 seconds to get to first. Now Gore is not the type of guy that will be in the starting lineup. He can’t hit to save his life.

He would be brought off the bench late in games to take an extra-base or two and score on plays that most people can’t score on. This will really help the Yankees in the playoffs because you can never have enough runs and having the ability to steal runs with a guy this fast is a great weapon to have. I expect the Yankees to call up Gore in September when the rosters expand and I 100% expect him to be on the playoff roster.

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