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Where Does Clint Frazier Fit In With These Yankees? (Interview)

The Yankees driving force throughout the 2019 season has been all about the “next man up” mentality, but how does this personally affect Clint Frazier?

It is obvious that the Yankees have a tremendous amount of outfield depth, but it seems as if Clint Frazier is always painted as the odd man out, despite having solid performances.

I was able to catch up with Clint Frazier following Thursday night’s game in Scranton-Wilkes Barre and ask him how he feels about his current position in the organization.

Patrick Hennessy: So, with the “next man up” mentality being the driving force for the Yankees all season, how does this affect your play personally?

Clint Frazier: I think for me personally, whenever I was the “next man up”, it was a weight off your shoulders because you knew you would get a chance to play. That’s the thing, whenever you get the consistent playing time. That’s why you’re seeing guys go off, you know? It’s the ones that go from playing every day to not every day, I think that’s more difficult, so I think that’s just the biggest factor man, once you get to this level it’s just a matter of time or opportunity and the Yankees are stockpiled with talent in every direction, so it’s no surprise they’re going good.

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Patrick Hennessy: You’ve been very vocal on social media regarding your position in the organization, do you feel like you deserve to be on the major league roster right now?

Clint Frazier: Yea. There are areas of my game that I have to continue to work at, but as far as being a person to help that team, being in the position that they were in, whenever I was up there I feel like I was qualified for the job. So like I said, it’s just a matter of opportunity and being the right man at the right time.

Patrick Hennessy: So do you believe that as long as you keep doing your thing down here that you’ll get that call-up or is something else stopping that?

Clint Frazier: Yea, I mean I’m not expecting a September call-up. I don’t know what’s gonna happen with me man. I’m just trying to help Scranton win here and whatever happens, happens. Unfortunately, I’m not the one who makes the decision where I get to play at so, we’ll see.

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