The Yankees Continue Their Domination Of The Orioles

The Yankees swept the Orioles on Wednesday. Let’s take a look at the continued dominance this year over Baltimore and why each of these wins is important.

Last season, the New York Yankees took 12 out of 19 games from the woeful Baltimore Orioles. Let’s all be truthful, 12 out 19 is good, but it could be better. For Example, the World Series-winning Boston Red Sox took 16 of 19 from Baltimore, a four game difference from the Yankees. Going into the season, it was crucial that the Yanks took care of business against the bottom feeders in the American League East, and they’ve done just that.

Taking Care of Business

This season, the Yankees have played 15 games against Baltimore, taking 13 wins. They’ve won 12 in a row against the O’s this year since the opening series and won 15 in a row at Camden Yards, dating back to July 11 of last year. They will play their final series against the Orioles beginning next week, where the Yankees will look to take at least another three out of four and clinch a season record of 16-3 against the Birds for the 2019 season.

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Yankees Bashing Birds

To put this year’s dominance of the Orioles in perspective, the Yankees have whacked  49 home runs against the Orioles in just 15 games. Yeah, you heard that correctly. 52 bombs in just 15 games. That’s an average of almost 3.5 bombs a contest. With those 52 homers, the Yankees broke the record for most home runs against one opponent in a season, courtesy of

The Craziest thing of all that is that the Yankees still have four more games to go against the Birds, all at Yankee Stadium. It will be fun to watch what this potent lineup can continue doing, as they’ve already crushed the record and will look to extend it next week.

Don’t Let Up

I know how this all sounds, and I know what many fans may be thinking. “Who cares? The Orioles are probably the worst team in baseball. The Yankees shouldn’t be patting themselves on the back for beating them.” Well, yes, the Orioles are awful, but that doesn’t mean you can simply show up to these games and expect to win. We saw that most of last year and the beginning of this year, to an extent, where the Yankees started off 2-4 against the O’s and the Detroit Tigers, another abysmal team.

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In order to succeed in this sport, you need to not only beat the good teams but the bad ones, too. The Yankees have dominated most of the teams below them (Kansas City, San Francisco, Colorado, The Angels, Seattle, etc.), and this formula is the reason why the Yankees are cruising to an AL East crown.

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