Why The Yankees Didn’t Trade For Any Of The Top 3 Starters

The trade deadline came and went with the Yankees acquiring no new starting pitching, but they have a good reason as to why they didn’t.

The trade deadline has passed, and the Yankees didn’t make a trade that did anything to change the 25 man roster. Not a single trade to help the starting pitching that went through the worst week in franchise history. A lot of people were mad, and tweets of “fire Cashman” were spreading across twitter like a wildfire. It’s ok to be frustrated but there is a reason why we didn’t acquire Bauer, Stroman or Greinke. Here is an explanation for why we didn’t get any of them.


It was reported throughout most of the deadline that the Yankees had Bauer towards, if not, the top of their list. The Yankees were in need of another starter and the Indians seemed to be wanting to get rid of Bauer. It helped that he decided to throw a ball over the center-field wall. A lot of fans thought we were going to get Bauer, but the Reds and Padres came together to shock the baseball world and pull off a blockbuster trade.

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The Reds sent Taylor Trammell to the Padres and Puig to the Indians, while the Padres sent Franmil Reyes to the Indians. The Indians wanted major league ready talent for Bauer and there was honestly nothing the Yankees could do to beat that deal. It also came out later that the Indians were not going to send Bauer to a team they could potentially face in the playoffs.

Marcus Stroman

He was the perfect fit for the Yankees, a ground-ball pitcher. The Yankees had a history of trading with the Blue Jays. At one point people were saying that it was only a matter of time before he was a Yankee. But then the Mets came in and gave up two of their best pitching prospects who were not in the top 100 for Stroman.

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At first, I was very pissed but then information came out of what the Jays were asking for Stroman. Deivi Garcia and more. The reason why it was smart not to give up Deivi is that the Blue Jays future lineup is set, all they are missing is some starting pitching and honestly, Stroman wouldn’t be an ace on the team. You only give up Garcia for an ace type player and Stroman wouldn’t be that on the Yankees.

Zack Greinke

This one is pretty easy, Cashman tried to trade for Greinke and said so. But the reason why he isn’t a Yankee right now is that he has the Yankees listed as a team in his no-trade clause. It is known that Zack Greinke suffers from anxiety and he does not want to play in New York. That is why he isn’t a Yankee.

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