Will The Yankees Get A Starting Pitcher?

We are counting down the hours until the MLB trade deadline and the Yankees still haven’t bolstered their rotation, will they even acquire anyone?

We’re less than a day from the MLB trade deadline and some moves have been already made. Marcus Stroman has been traded but not to the New York team everybody expected. As it was announced on Sunday, the New York Mets acquired the Long Island native from Toronto. Many insiders and fans believed that the Yankees will acquire Stroman from the Blue Jays and many were surprised the Mets traded for him. Even Stroman stated, “I definitely expected to get moved to some team at some point because of all the rumors. But the Mets, I was shocked. …”

As the Yankees begin their series against Arizona, the Yankees pitching has not been the best. Since July 21, the Yankees pitching staff has given up 79 runs and let’s just say the Boston series was a disaster. For many years, the Yankees have struggled with pitching and missed out on many opportunities. This deadline there are many pitchers out there that have been available for the Yankees to acquire but the question is what is the asking price?

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It has been stated that the Blue Jays did, in fact, want Deivi Garcia for Marcus Stroman but it has also been rumored that the Yankees would only deal Garcia in a trade for Noah Syndergaard. While Stroman is off the list, some other notable names that are still available are Trevor Bauer, Robbie Ray, Zack Greinke, Mike Minor, possibly Madison Bumgarner and Ken Giles. Though the need for starting pitcher is very high, another reliever in the bullpen wouldn’t hurt the team.

As fans we have to be patient but two names that have been mentioned a lot with the Yankees are Trevor Bauer and Robbie Ray. Bauer is 9-8 with a 3.79 ERA this season but a lot of the talk with Bauer has been from Sunday’s start where he threw the baseball over the center-field wall before being taken out of the game. Robbie Ray is 9-7 this season with a 3.91 ERA and it has been said he’ll be traded definitely before Wednesday. Who knows? Maybe he might have to walk to another dugout since the Yankees are hosting Arizona.

From now till tomorrow at 4 pm, we will see if Yankees sell some of their high ranked prospects for a starting pitcher. If the Yankees are in a win-now mode, another starting pitcher is going to be needed for the starting rotation.

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