The Yankees Won The Best Game Of The 2019 Season

After a long, hard battle against the Minnesota Twins, the Yankees pulled out a huge victory in what may go down as the best game of the 2019 season. 

Speechless. Does anyone know what happened? My mouth is on the floor in awe of the outcome of this game. If there are still nonbelievers, the exit is that down the hall and to the right. Their 32nd comeback win this year came in grand fashion, a night (if you were still up) will never be forgotten in Yankee universe.

Central time definitely got the best of some Yankee fans as they weren’t able to witness probably the best regular-season win in the past five years. By looking at the box score, there were so many key offensive plays throughout the duration of this 14-12 comeback, most people won’t know where to start. Just seeing how far this team has come from all the injuries to having the stars come back and absolutely putting on a show night after night is the best feeling in the world. We are lucky, I repeat we are lucky. No other team can come back from a win like this.  This high octane offense produces once again and we could not be more proud.

However, to start things off on a sour note, German was not sharp as his stuff lacked movement and consistency. Tonight, he surrendered eight runs in only 3.2 innings getting behind in the count often while the curveball was not effective in the slightest. Not the start the Yankees were looking for, but this Twins lineup is up to par with the Yankees. Britton not being able to shut down the lineup in the 8th was a little concerning. It seems as each big spot he is put in, he struggles. While the numbers look good on the year, something just doesn’t feel right when he is on the mound in a moment like this.  Enough about the negative, my apologies.

THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE FEAT. Being down 8-2 early, the game seemed to be out of reach. The Yankees with their backs against the wall mostly seem to prevail when the odds are not in their favor. Didi Gregorius, the offensive juggernaut going 5-for-5 with seven RBIs provided most of the offensive punch. It seems as if Didi is rounding into form and Yankees fans should be ecstatic. HICKS TO THE STICKS! Talk about rounding into form, Aaron Hicks has been seeing the ball great as of late, taking a better approach at the plate.

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Hicks didn’t miss any of that ball in the 9th, it might as well have been a beach ball with the laser he roped. Not only did Hicks provide the power, his stellar defensive play to send the Twins home last night will probably be the most memorable play of the season. With a great jump and even better route to the ball, Hicks dove with his stretched out arms to secure a bullet off the bat of Kepler. Those two provided this special night and another win in the win column is rewarded to this ball club.

Pitching is more of a need than most thought because the inconsistency has certainly crept back up in recent games. While the Yankees should savor this win and be happy, I can only imagine Cashman and his staff might be researching and gaining all information possible on the available arms with an increased pace. The offense certainly can carry this team very far, but how far is the question? Pitching wins’ championships, we can trust Cashman will do the right thing and acquire multiple pitchers at the deadline.

Be pumped everyone, not only did the Yankees come from behind win prove to be the signature moment of the season, but “Evil Empire” will be reloaded once again with brand new players to root for. This is the most exciting time of the season and the fight towards winning the division continues.

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