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Yankees Targeting Reds SP Luis Castillo (Report)

Since the Yankees are in need of starting pitching depth, they have their sights focused on Cincinnati Reds stud Luis Castillo. 

As the July 31 MLB trade deadline is approaching, rumor has been the Yankees are looking to add another starting pitcher. The Yankees pitching staff has had it’s ups and downs this season but a majority of them have been out with injuries. Including the bullpen, the Yankees are averaging a 4.23 ERA and are definitely in need of some help. Some of the names in particular that have been rumored are Marcus Stroman, Madison Bumgarner, Zach Wheeler, and Max Scherzer.

Though the chances of trading for Max Scherzer are decreasing, there’s another National League starter the Yankees have been eyeing. Luis Castillo of the Cincinnati Reds has been on the Yankees list approaching the deadline. The 26-year-old pitcher is 7-3 in 17 starts and is averaging a 2.47 ERA with 115 strikeouts.

This season alone, Castillo was nominated to the All-Star Game and is on pace for the Cy Young Award. Cincinnati has one of MLB’s best pitching staffs and at the moment it is unclear if they are willing to trade one of their star pitchers. It is believed that the asking price would be high for the third year pitcher but if the Yankees make an offer, it would certainly benefit them.

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One of the names that were mentioned in who the Yankees were looking to move was Clint Frazier, but it was stated that they wouldn’t trade him for a rental. With Castillo’s contract, he is making 557,000 this year and has yet to reach Arbitration yet. Including Frazier and other prospects for Castillo, will definitely help the Yankees in the long run as pitching is always a necessity with the team.

With the deadline being four weeks away, we will definitely see what Cashman and the Yankees front office does. With the unknown status of Luis Severino, Yankees could also trade for either one or two starters. From now till the end of July, all we can do is wait and see Cashman do his magic.

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