Yankees: Will The London Series Live Up To The Hype?

Saturday afternoon will kick off the London Series between the Yankees and Red Sox, but will this highly anticipated series live up to the hype?

With the Yankees set to play the Red Sox in a two-game series in London, I am wondering if this will start to become an annual thing. Maybe two new teams go next year, or will they keep it between the best rivalry in sports?

With Yankee fandom reaching overseas, who do we believe will have the edge or home field advantage? Certainly has to be the Yankees, correct?  Every single media outlet is focused on the hordes of fans welcoming the likes of Aaron Judge and Co. Celebrities such as Spike Lee are present and just the overall atmosphere seems to be a sensational selling point for the MLB. The NFL has expanded to the likes of having different teams playing in London every year. The new market and exposure have done wonders for the NFL and I can imagine this happening for the MLB.  Who wouldn’t want to see viral sensations Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, Mookie Betts, etc.?

The recently aired Sesame Street commercial promoting good sportsmanship between Aaron Boone and Alex Cora, it might leave a sour taste with the “die-hard” fans, but a nice, fun promotional campaign to jump-start the series. Knowing everyone is hyped for this rivalry, the feeling this series has provided with the extra promoting and former players joining the Yankees in this experience has been everything we can hope for as fans. Hype stadium, new fans, new experience these players must be drooling to display their talents amongst a different culture.

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London Yards is now officially open and with Tanaka set to start today, we can expect a dominant performance. Taking these two games would be monumental for not only the fanbase but for the AL East Standings. The Yankees know this is still a business trip and coming out with two W’s should be the main priority. We can figure Aaron Boone will get the best of his players with everyone seem to be rested. Two days without Yankees baseball has left me bored and now that it is finally back we can now experience these pregame jitters for a Sox series in a different environment.

The London Series even has its own Twitter account (@mlblondonseries) which will provide every MLB fan some neat videos and pictures.  We have a 1:10 PM start today and on Sunday the early-bird special is coming to the East Coast with a 10:10 AM start. Let’s rock Yankee fans, this is the first-ever series in London and who better to be a part of it than the Yankees.  No Stanton stings, but this lineup has faced many obstacles all season and we can’t wait to see how these players respond!

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