Why the Yankees Need to Trade for Marcus Stroman

The Yankees rotation has been inconsistent this year as it has been in previous years. Ergo, once again, the Yankees are looking for another starter.

There are several options out there, but there is one guy that has really stood out more than others. Marcus Stroman is the man that would fit perfectly in the Bronx. Here are two reasons why the Yankees need to trade for Marcus Stroman.

Strike-throwing machine

Yankees pitchers at times this season have been bitten by walks. It seems that almost every time the Yankees’ pitchers walk someone, they always score. In this era of baseball, you can’t be giving free passes as the next pitch could always be hit out of the park. Marcus Stroman has always been a great control pitcher. This year Stroman owns a 7.2% BB rate which is a full percentage under the MLB average of 8.3%. And for his entire career, he owns a 7.1 BB%. Stroman throws strikes and rarely gives free passes which is perfect for the Yankees.

Keeps the ball in the park

To be a good pitcher you need to be able to keep the ball in the yard. This is even more important if you want to be a pitcher for the Yankees. We all know about the short porch in right and with this new era of baseball, you need to keep the ball in the yard. Stroman has done an exceptional job of keeping the ball in the yard this year. He has given up only 9 homers in 100 innings this year. That is good for a 0.8HR/9. Throughout his entire career, he has never had a HR/9 above 0.9 so he is just the guy the Yankees need to trade for.

Also, Stroman is built for the bright lights of New York. He was born in Long Island and in a recent interview pretty much begged to be traded to the Yankees. Please, Cashman, go and make this man a Yankee

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