Which Yankees Are Leading All-Star Game Voting?

The MLB All-Star Game is just about a month away, so we decided to take a look and examine which Yankees are leading voting at their respective position. 

Exhausting. The only word to describe the recent road trip and a doubleheader split with the Mets. It wasn’t the best showing for the Yankees all year. Perhaps it reminded everyone of the horrible start the Yankees deserved to start the year. While currently still sitting in first place, the Yankees had the day off Wednesday and look to bounce back against the White Sox.

While there may be concern over the starting pitching and lack of production as of late, Yankee fans can be happy about one thing. The AL Primary voting has been released this week, and quite a few Yankees are leading and/or not trailing far behind.

The Yankees Need To Acquire Madison Bumgarner

Gary Sanchez has been the obvious choice for catchers all year, and the fans have backed it up with a surprisingly strong number of 737,107.  That is good enough for third out of all AL players. El Kraken has still been strong in the batter’s box having hit 20 home runs and platting 40 in the process. He has seemed to regain his form and more votes seem to follow for the stud catcher.

LUUUUUKKKEEEEEEEE! This is the first time he has started a season as the opening day first baseman for a major league ball club and he hasn’t disappointed. Leading the AL first basemen with 393,356 votes, he seems to have caught the eye of major league fans across the country and is proving his worth to the Yankees. With 16 home runs and 44 runs batted in, his current pace leads to believe that he will make the All-Star game. Keep voting for Voit to start, he deserves every vote!

At second base we find our first non-starter in the Mid-Summer Classic. DJ LeMahieu currently sits in thirds place amongst second basemen. Behind only Jose Altuve and Tommy La Stella (yes you saw that correctly Tommy La Stella) DJ needs a huge push from the fans in order to be in the top two.  Altuve who has only played in 39 days, sits above LeMahieu who has been the best hitter on the Yankees thus far. He needs your support to push him into the next round, so keep voting.

Probably the biggest surprise out of them all is Gio Urshela coming in second in third basemen in the voting in the opening round. While he has a tough assignment at the top in Alex Bregman, placing him at second throughout the contest can easily bring him to Cleveland. A long shot to make the roster, Urshela has come from the minor league depth to All-Star potential. The unsung hero of the Yankees season, if Urshela keeps this up, there is no doubt he will get the All-Star nod.

Gleyber Torres has been a consistent contributor on this first place Yankee team, and there is no surprise that he is in the top three for shortstops in the AL. Currently sitting behind Jorge Polanco (rightfully deserves the nod), and Carlos Correa (who has missed significant time), he can easily overtake both in the next round of voting. He is only 70,000 behind the first place vote-getter Polanco and Yankee fans should push to get Torres in his second All-Star game.

Should The Yankees Target A Lesser-Known Starting Pitcher?

While the Yankees don’t have a real outfielder threat to represent the team in 2019, it is worth noting how Aaron Judge sits in seventh place amongst the position in the AL. While he has been injured for the majority of the season, fans still vote because of his presence and the sheer excitement of fans whenever he plays. He might have a shot to make the team and that would be something incredible.

Yankees fans are doing a fantastic job voting for the players and I encourage everyone to vote as much as possible for everyone. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for some players to make it and it would be awesome to have a bunch of Yankees in attendance.

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