Should The Yankees Target A Lesser-Known Starting Pitcher?

The Yankees are currently in the market for a starting pitcher (or two), but should they be targeting a lesser known arm from the Texas Rangers?

There are guys on the market like Marcus Stroman and Madison Bumgarner But what if they Yankees went after someone small, who is having quietly one of the best seasons on the bump this year?

Mike Minor was a small addition for the Texas Rangers, as he signed a small contract worth 8 million dollars this offseason. Minor thus far has had a 4.5 WAR, a 1.1 WHIP, 197 ERA+, and a 3.44 FIP. He is putting together a great season, but the main reason why they would go after him is his cost.

Is Marcus Stroman Really The Answer For The Yankees?

I could imagine a package for Minor starting with Mike Ford and a couple of other pieces, which the Yankees could certainly afford. This would really bolster the Yankees rotation with giving up hardly anything. With Minor in the rotation, come playoff time, this would be the ideal rotation:

  1. Severino
  2. Paxton
  3. Tanaka
  4. Minor/German

This would really benefit the Yankees as they could get another lefty with experience, not unlike the struggling J.A. Happ. With Brian Cashman commanding the sails, I have no doubt in my mind that the Yankees will succeed in getting the starting pitcher that the Yankees desperately need.

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