The Yankees Have A Dilemma In The Infield

With the New York Yankees beginning to see their starters coming back from injuries, do they have a dilemma among their infielders?

It seems redundant, but the fact that Gio Urshela is a vital part of this Yankees team makes zero sense. Many believed he wasn’t going to make the 40 man roster at the start of training camp, but his glove and improved hitting led him to make the ball club. Still, with Andujar being sidelined just over a month, LeMahieu figured to man the hot corner while Torres filled in the shortstop duties for Tulo.

Speaking of, has anyone forgotten the Yankees still had Tulo on the roster?  Haven’t heard a peep about him since he landed on the IL.

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However, with the depth running thin, there was no choice but to thrust the “Happy Fella” into a starting role. I don’t even think Boone thought this would’ve panned out like this. As the season is starting to take shape 36 games in, Urshela has provided clutch offensive and defensive play. Fans are in love with the new style of play the Yankees have implemented while the “Bronx Bombers” have been shelved.

With Urshela playing the way he is, is it fair to say he has taken over the third base duties? Miguel Andujar was the most consistent hitter in the lineup in 2018, but the injury seemed to hinder his performance. That is fair as it does take some time to resume what he started when he first was called up. Who do the Yankees start at third moving forward? Well, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix It.” Starting Urhsela is the correct move at this point in time.

Keep having Andujar in the everyday lineup as the DH so we could get the reps he needs to feel 100% comfortable until Stanton is fully healthy. There is no need to rush anyone back, especially if they keep on winning ball games. They both could be a vital part of this team come October, so letting them experience playing together is a huge asset for this ball club.

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Everyone seems to be waiting for the massive slump that comes with such a hot start, but Urshela is providing a spark many thought was not plausible.  This even makes Cashman look like the smartest GM on the planet. Imagine paying Machado $300 million to have a slash of .237/.318/.437/.755. We thought the boo birds were bad in Philly for Harper, but it would be no different.

Even I wanted to expensive Harper and Machado to dawn pinstripes, but if Urshela is going to sustain this success or even play close to what he has over the course of the season, what a steal. The Yankees are massively productive in finding bargain bin trades and free agent signings.

The scouting department is top notch, and to them, we tip the cap. A job well done with all these injuries taking place. Yankees baseball has been fun yet again, and there should be no complaining moving forward.

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