Yankees: Luke Voit Has Been Using Miguel Andujar’s Bats

Luke Voit has arguably been one of the Yankees’ hottest hitters to begin the 2019 season, but have Miguel Andujar’s bats been his secret key to success?

First baseman for the New York Yankees, Luke Voit, had faced his fair share of struggles to begin the 2019 season, but ever since switching over to using Miguel Andujar’s bats, he has been flat out destroying baseballs.

Voit made the change of bats on April 18 against the Kansas City Royals when he entered the series slashing .219/.342/.438, a slash line that would skyrocket upwards after he started using Andujar’s bat which is just an ounce lighter. Since switching bats, Voit is slashing .378/.481/.667 with four home runs and 10 RBIs in just 11 games. He looks like the same first baseman that Yankees fans remember seeing crush the ball last season.

Grading The Yankees Relief Pitchers

“Because the guy’s got so many hits with them,’’ Voit said when asked about why he made the change to using the lighter bat. He also mentioned that using the lighter bat has helped him get to inside fastballs which otherwise would have eaten him up.

In the absence of many of the Yankees big right-handed hitters, Luke Voit mashing right now is just what the club needs. So, Luke, please keep on using Andujar’s bats.


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