Clint Frazier Is Carrying The Yankees Offense

With numerous injuries bringing down the Yankees to begin the 2019 season, Clint Frazier has been carrying the club offensively.

Last season we were optimistic about Clint Frazier’s potential, but what could have been Frazier’s breakout campaign was derailed by injuries. This year, we were similarly enthused, however with Judge, Hicks, Gardner, and Stanton all looking to share time in the Yankees outfield, there was not a place for Clint Frazier, who started the season in Triple-A. Unfortunately, Hicks started the season on the IL, Stanton joined him soon thereafter, and now Judge is going to be out for an extended period. Luckily, the Yankees have Frazier to pick up some of the slack, and he has delivered in a big way.

I know RBIs are one of those old-timey stats, but Clint Frazier is tied for 10th in the A.L. in RBI and he was not even on the 25 man roster on opening day.  Indeed, Frazier has taken advantage of his opportunities by batting a ridiculous .500 with runners in scoring position.

It seems as though every time Frazier puts bat to ball, he’s hitting it hard. The observations are backed up by data as well. Frazier has a 48.0 “sweet spot percentage” (SwSp%), which puts him in league with the likes of fellow masher J.D. Martinez and just behind teammate Luke Voit.

*Frazier actually went into Monday night’s matchup against the Angels and Mike Trout with a line of .339/.358/.661. If there’s anything to harp on, it’s Frazier’s lack of patience at the plate. On the other hand, if they’re throwing him pitches to hit, why not hit them?

Great company, obviously, and Frazier surely is thrilled to be mentioned in the same breath as these Yankees legends.

Frazier is certainly feeling good after such a great start to the season, but he was prepared to step it up going into the season.

It’s really great to see the former 5th overall pick finally making an impact in the majors. Let’s hope Frazier can continue mashing, the Yankees are certainly going to need him to with all their stars currently injured.

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