Yankees: Early Season Overreactions

The Yankees have struggled a little bit to begin the 2019 season, so we took a look at some of the best overreactions from fans. The Yankees have struggled a little bit to begin the 2019 season, so we took a look at some of the best overreactions from fans. 

Wow, what a jerk.

I’ve seen a ton of takes on Twitter like this. Calm down people, there are 162 games in a season.

Gary Complaints

All the cool kids are complaining about Gary Sanchez. Just one year removed from hitting 33 home runs from the catcher’s position, many fans wanted to trade the 26-year-old Sanchez for J.T. Realmuto this offseason. Sanchez’s injury riddled 2018 was capped off with a poor late season performance on defense behind the plate. This year, according to overreacting fans and pundits, it’s Sanchez’s elite throwing skills that have seemingly diminished.

“But after offseason surgery on his left shoulder was supposed to help Sanchez regain the form he showed for much of his first two seasons in the majors, he’s looked a lot like the player who was a mess for most of 2018.”

Come on! Really? It’s 4 games in and Gary Sanchez is “a mess?”

As long as Gary swings the stick like that, he will be fine. He did not forget how to throw the ball.

Stanton Faces More Boobirds

Giancarlo Stanton is capable of hitting 59 home runs in a season, despite playing half his games in Marlins Park. Last year, he hit 38 home runs and scored and knocked in over 100 runs, all on a gimpy leg after switching leagues. Through three games this year, he’s struck out in some key situations early on, and he’s heard boos.

Sunday, he was 0-for-2 with 3 walks. That’s good for a .600 OBP. If he did that every game he’d have the highest on base percentage ever. Baseball, especially from the batter’s point of view, is a game of failure. The best hitters make outs over 60% of the time.

Do you want Stanton to make contact with runners in scoring position? Yes. Should you be booing him 3 games into the season knowing what he’s capable of? No.

Also, after learning of his biceps strain, perhaps this had something to do with his lack of contact in the first week of the season.

Silver Lining

It’s frustrating to lose an early season series to the lowly Orioles, but there are some bright points. The Yankees left 33 men on base during the three-game set, including 14 on Sunday. While it’s bad that they left all these men on base, the number of times they reached base, to begin with, is a very good sign.

This is a correct take.

What Will The Yankees Do When Their Injured Players Return?

Worry About Health

Performance should even out over the course of the season. What fans should really be concerned about that this stage is all the injuries.

If the Yankees cannot consistently field their most competitive team, their best players will not even have the opportunity to perform. Luckily the team is deep, but depth can only carry a team so far in the face of widespread injury.

Some Sanity

At least some fans out there understand it’s a long season!

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