Yankees: 3 Keys To A World Series Trophy In 2019

The Yankees are ready to begin the 2019 season and have the World Series on their mind, but what will it take to get there?

When it comes to the 2019 New York Yankees season, there are quite a lot of expectations in the Bronx. Fans, players, and coaches alike are expecting a World Series win in New York this coming fall. So in this piece, we will take a look at three aspects of the 2019 Yankees that are destined to succeed.

Backed by the Bullpen

When analyst, critics, and armchair General Managers (aka fans) look for the Yankees the main strength, they will look to the bullpen. The Yanks are fortified in the bullpen like no one squad in baseball. The Bronx Bombers can also be referred to as the Bronx Blazers. Because of the sheer firepower and strikeout capabilities of the five closers Aroldis Chapman, Dellin Betances, Zack Britton, Adam Ottavino, and Chad Green.)

Combined with powerful middle relief options in Tommy Kahnle, Luis Cessa, and Jonathan Holder. Give the “Bronx Blazers” a plethora of options on a nightly base. But it doesn’t stop there.

Known as the Bronx Bombers for a Reason

It will be a sight to behold that a record that once stood for 21 years will be broke again. But that is likely to be the case this season. As the 2019 New York Yankees will look to demolish the home run record, they set just one year ago.

Is 2019 The Most Anticipated Yankees Season In The Past 10 Years?

If you ask just about anyone around baseball and they will tell you that the 2019 Yanks are capable of surpassing the 267 home run mark set a season ago. Ask a member of the Bronx Bombers, and they will tell you that 300 is the goal. And somehow 33 more home runs seems like a small number for this squad.

If you weren’t paying attention to the team record-setting home run hitting Yankees of 2018, you might not understand the braggadocios nature of shooting for 300. Last season, the Yanks best player Aaron Judge was sidelined for six weeks after being hit by a pitch. Gary Sanchez an All-Star in 2017 that hit 33 home runs that same year. Sanchez would struggle tremendously in 2018 and hit 18 home runs. A feat that is not likely to repeat itself in 2019.

The Yanks surprised acquisition of Giancarlo Stanton had a “down” season with 38 home runs in 2018. Now heading into season number two in the Bronx looks a lot more comfortable and primed for more. And in more power contributions from young players finding their power like Gleyber Torres and Miguel Andújar.

Also, factor in a productive Aaron Hicks whos found his swing to the mix and you add even more to an already potent potion. Hitting 300 home runs might be a starting point for this crew.

Do it for the Big Man, CC Sabathia & the Gritty, Gutty Gardy

CC Sabathia announced that 2019 would be his final season. And for all his Hall of Fame accomplishments. CC’s only World Series win came ten years ago as a member of the New York Yankees. At that point, CC was the ace of the staff. The man that shoulder the burden and willed the team on to victory. This season CC has a different role, a different job on this team. A team that is young and vibrant and at the center of that is CC Sabathia. CC is still a kid at heart and maintains a love for the game of baseball as he always has in his career.

However, father time claims us all and Sabathia is no different and what a better way to go out than on top. On top of a “chariot” (bus of some sort.) As a king in New York traveling down the Canyon of Heroes as he did his first season in Pinstripes.

Likewise, the only other member of that 2009 World Series winning team, Brett Gardner played a different role then and now. Then Gardy was the young pup trying to forge his path. Now Gardy is the grizzled veteran looking to build up the next generation with the wisdom once bestowed to him. Many questioned why bring back Brett Gardner? Why sign him so quickly? Or why sign him to that kind of money?

Why Gary Sanchez Will Return To Form In 2019

It may not be seen in the game much anymore because dollars mean more than ever to organizations trying to only pay for what a player is going to do rather than what he’s done and it’s a sound investment strategy in setting up a team. But in Gardner’s case, a one-year swan song seems appropriate. A one-year swan song seems like a thank you. Signing Gardy, who usually gets off to really good starts and tails off in the second half. Feels like a move that is similar to bring back CC.

2019 War Call

Let’s do what we set out to do every season. The mantra in the Bronx is different than everywhere else. Win the World Series or bust and this season, for these reasons and more the 2019 New York Yankees seem poised to capture number 28.

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