Is 2019 The Most Anticipated Yankees Season In The Past 10 Years?

Expectations are higher than ever for the New York Yankees heading into the 2019 season, but is the excitement as high as it was in 2009?

For whoever is reading this, I bet you can’t name the last time the Yankees had a losing season. Does 1995 ring a bell? It has been 24 seasons since a losing season crept towards the Bronx.

While to some it might feel like a normal year of baseball, filled with mystery and optimism; the Bronx Bombers have been chasing World Series for decades and nothing is changing anytime soon. If the average Yankees fan thought last seasons expectations were high, buckle up, this year’s expectations have skyrocketed.

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With the Red Sox bullpen not in any shape to contend for championships and the Rays lack of postseason experience, the AL East finally seems attainable for the first time since 2012. The Red Sox could do no wrong last year; they were unbelievably dominant. That’s what this Yankee team can become. There is no possible way to beat around the bush, but what transpired in last years’ postseason was ugly. This has to be the revenge tour and why not? 100 plus wins are doable, the AL East is winnable, the Pennant can be theirs again.

With the depth in the lineup, rotation, and bullpen, the Yanks should be comfortable in competing in the stacked AL East. Yes, the injuries of Betances, Gregorius, Hicks, Sabathia, and Severino can hinder their performance over the course of the season, but besides the injury to Didi, everything seems to be minor. New York should have almost everyone back in May. Which would only mean 20-30 games without these guys, which can be managed. However, we seem to be forgetting someone, ah yes, Jordan Montgomery, who put together a solid rookie campaign and is scheduled to be back in June. So much depth.

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There is no sugar-coating this, but as a Yankee fan, the expectations are World Series or bust. This team has invested too much money and valuable trade assets to fall short for a tenth straight season. A groomed Boone and year two’s from Andujar, Torres, Stanton, and Voit will serve to be vital for this championship run.

All I ask from Yankees fans is to believe in this team, and not just the team, but all of the players as well. This is the most anticipating season in such a long time lets cherish it. The negative attitudes do not need to be brought into the 2019 campaign. They are locked-and-loaded and ready to bring home number 28 to the best sports city in America.

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