David Cone Should Be The Yankees Pitching Coach

While many Yankees fans may not be too fond of current pitching coach Larry Rothschild, maybe David Cone could be a perfect fit for the job.

The New York Yankees have had their current pitching coach Larry Rothschild since 2011 and while the pitching staff has had some levels of success. They have not achieved the greatest that they are seemingly capable of with their talent levels. So we look at making a change in the pitching coach. And bringing in the new sabermetric advocate, David Cone.

Sometimes a Change is Needed

We saw a change in direction last season when first-year manager Aaron Boone took over for Joe Girardi. And while the team wouldn’t finish where they wanted (World Series Win.) The Yankees would finish the 2018 season as a 100-Win team. And when it comes to the pitching staffs, the Yankees have had team ERAs of 3.73, 3.84, 3.94, 3.75, 4.03, 4.16, 3.72, and 3.78 from 2011-18. The majority of those years the team ERA was under 4.00 but not by much. And something to achieve the greatest success we have to deviate from what has become the norm.

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Hence the suggestion of David Cone. Coney has all the insights from pitching 17 years in the Major Leagues. He’s also dealt with severe injuries and how to work back from them. Now add in his newfound sabermetric analytical approach, and you have a dangerous combination. David Cone would be a first time pitching coach and therefore would need some time to establish his nitch as a coach. But Cone already has a good working relationship with the Yankees pitching staff. And that is the first step in bringing in a new pitching coach. That coach must be able to manage an entire pitching staff. And understand how each member operates to maximize success.

Growing Pains

When adding a first-year coach of any sort there is going to be a learning curve. And for David Cone that learning curve would grade on a harder scale. Because the New York Yankees are going to be expected to not just contend for a playoff spot. But they will be expected to win the World Series.

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However, with having a more veteran staff at his disposal, Coney will have more defined perimeters to work with among the current pitching staff. And even the younger pitchers that will be sprinkled in throughout the season will have a true ace in the hole to learn from in David Cone. The Yankees found real success with Aaron Boone as a first-year manager. So maybe now could be time to give David Cone that opportunity as the pitching coach.


  1. Would love to see Coney the pitching coach, a fresh young guy with new ideas and a new prospective. ⚾

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