Meet New York’s New Face: Aaron Judge

With the New York Giants trade of Odell Beckham Jr., Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees is now the face of New York sports.

The New York Giants stunned the big apple and the entire world when they traded star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr to the Cleveland Browns Tuesday night.

Beckham was seen by many as the face of New York sports. From his passionate personality, one-handed catches and freakish athleticism there was no one quite like him.

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The world’s biggest market gravitated towards him and considered him one of their own.

Now that he is gone a new homegrown face becomes New York City’s face in the world of sports.

As great as Mets pitcher Jacob deGrom is it’s not him because he only pitches every five days.

It’s also not Giants running back sensation Saqon Barkley as he has only one year in New York under his belt

Rather it is Aaron Judge. The Yankees 26-year-old outfielder is only entering the third full year of his carer but already has a fan following that knows no borders.

Fan’s across the nation flock ballparks in No. 99 jerseys wearing white wigs and holding gavels.

Why is this? It’s because Judge has god given talent on and off the field.

On the field, Judge has one of the prettiest swings in all of baseball. In his rookie season, he hit 52 home runs but also proved he could hit for contact just as well as he could for power.

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Along with his power bat Judge has one of the best outfield arms in baseball. Watching him throw a baseball from right field to home plate is almost as exciting as watching him hit a baseball 450 feet.

Off the field, it’s hard to find a more likable person. Judge always puts the team first as he often avoids talking about himself instead of talking about the team when interviewed.

In addition, Judge already has launched a foundation supporting youth baseball. Judge carries himself the right way on and off the field.

The homegrown talent who’s gifted on and off the field is indisputably the face of New York sports.

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