The Yankees Needed To Sign Troy Tulowitzki

While many were skeptical of the Yankees original signing of Troy Tulowitzki, now looking back on it, it was a move that needed to be made. 

When the league minimum signing of Troy Tulowitzki was announced the New York Yankee Universe was befuddled, to say the least. Troy Tulowitzki was once one of the top players in MLB. But injuries had seemed to derail a potentially Hall of Fame career. That was until this Spring Training. Now yes, it is still way too early to call it a full-blown career revitalization but the signs are promising.

Playing With A Chip

The game of baseball brings about a lot of emotions, from fans, players, and coaches alike. But there are different emotions faced by each grouping of individuals. When it comes to the players, there is a scaling slope when different emotions can be expected. Troy Tulowitzki is playing with a feeling that can only be described as a “chip.” Tulo who is now finally healthy and able to get ready in a more routine way in the offseason.

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The Toronto Blue Jays did not think that Troy was going to be able to regain any semblance of All-Star caliber form. And Toronto would release him despite still having to pay Troy $38 million. Tulo is looking to prove that he is still more than capable of being an impact player in the Major Leagues. That “Chip” will help push him and the New York Yankees.

The Tank is NOT Empty

As we have already stated, the early signs of Troy Tulowitzki in Yankees Camp have been extremely positive. The most positive of all indications is what is being done on the diamond. Defensively, Tulo was once one of the best in MLB. But because of injuries, Tulowitzki seemed to be almost sapped of all positive output. That was until this season, that is when during this Spring Tulo looks healthy and effective. The most significant factor in Troy’s success is health. Being healthy will afford Tulo the opportunity to show exactly how much game he still has at this point. All signs point towards Troy Tulowitzki still having plenty left in the tank.

Dollars Make Sense

Financially committing to a player can be a sometimes grueling debate amongst a front office staff that is looking at the short and long term futures of the franchise. Think about the recent commitment the Philadelphia Phillies just made to superstar Bryce Harper. In the case of Troy Tulowitzki, the financial responsibility is only the Major League minimum of $555,000. In the payroll books of the New York Yankees, that sum is entirely overlookable. If, as we stated earlier, Troy Tulowitzki is healthy and provides some semblance of the player he once was the Yankees would have gotten the steal of the year for just about free.

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The Yankees are not tied down by having Tulo on the roster And once Didi Gregorius is recovered and deemed healthy, he will be back in the lineup. It’s at the point the Yanks will have to make a decision with the roster. But again if Tulo is healthy, he can be productive he will have a place on this roster. If not, it will be easy to sever ties to the 34-year-old shortstop.

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