Yankees: How Will Aaron Boone Perform In His Sophomore Year?

The Yankees have their expectations set very high for the 2019 season, so what should they expect out of second-year manager Aaron Boone?

100-62.  For any manager that is a phenomenal season.  However, we’re talking about the New York Yankees here and we care more about the postseason success than anyone in the league. How would you judge success? By winning a plethora of championships.

The American League East division currently resides to the reigning World Series Champions the Boston Red Sox. Oh, and they did it with a first-year manager who absolutely schooled us in the ALDS.

Aaron Boone has all the pieces to succeed in this league.  A front office who backs his decision making, a team full of young, polarizing players, and a city that craves championship baseball teams. What can Yankee fans hope to see out of Boone in year two?

Improved Use of The Bullpen

With the firepower the Yankees have in the pen, it is no excuse to not use these guys to their full capacity. Having so many weapons at your disposal is never a bad thing. Not being able to effectively put the pieces together is where the wheels could fall off. These bullpens arms need consistency throughout a regular work week and the extra days off Boone provided throughout the year had some guys out of rhythm.

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By putting them in the correct positions to succeed, there should be a growing sense of confidence in Boone. For example, not using Betances for more than one inning of work. Giving Chad Green a clean inning to work with not putting him in with runners on base. Little things like this could go a long way into a long season.

For what its worth, the Yankees have great pitching staff has been provided and he has pitching coach Larry Rothchild to lean on.

An Increased Devotion To Keeping The Lineup The Same Throughout The Year

Hitters feel comfortable in certain lineup positions. Shifting around the lineup on a regular basis could decrease chemistry. Noticing the shift in the lineup (some due to injury) was a little much in Boone’s first year.

Sure, you make a change in the lineup to create a spark or to push someone to produce at a higher level. With consistency in the lineup, a bond can be formed and a player knows their role and what situation they are preparing for.

A Better Feel/Flow

Ever watch a game last year, and just feel like Boone didn’t have feel for some of his players? For instance, Game Three of the ALDS, having Severino come out for the fourth inning when he already seemed to be losing grip of the game in the third inning was not the right decision.

Most fans would have told you Sevy had nothing left in the tank to come back out there. In the postseason where every out counts, you cannot try and squeeze-outs just to save some relief appearances. This year, Boone will show early signs of feel and flow for his guys and it will pay dividends in huge situational moments.

Do they have the right guy to be the forefront of it all?  Yankees universe hopes so and we deserve to give him another chance. Sure Booney mismanaged the bullpen here and there but what manager doesn’t? The learning curve will not be an excuse this season. If expectations were high last year, what does this year have in store?

World Series or bust. Plain and simple. New York eats, sleeps, and breathes championships. There is a zero percent chance this city waits another decade for a title. Boone must assert his dominance early by stealing the division away from the Sox. That should be the only goal to start the season.

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