Ranking The Past 10 Yankees Teams

2019 will mark the 10-year anniversary of the Yankees 2009 world series champion team. Here’s a look at where the ten teams from 2009-18 rank.

It’s been a decade since the Yankees last won the world series.

The last decade of Yankees baseball started with a world championship but since hasn’t been full of typical Yankees greatness. Though some of the teams following 2009 provided some great moments, none have been able to duplicate the success.

Here’s a look at the last 10 years of Yankees baseball where the teams ranked from worst to first.

#10: 2013

By simply looking at the 2013 opening day lineup you can see why this team ranks dead last on this list. Due to injuries, the Yankees were forced to start Vernon Wells, Ben Francisco and Jason Nix due to injuries to many of the team’s starters.

Despite all of that the team still won 85 games but simply lacked the typical star power that makes up most Yankees teams. It was also the final year of Mariano Rivera’s , and the Yankees failed to get him to the postseason.

#9: 2016

The Yankees 2016 season got off to such a bad start that the team ended up being sellers at the trade deadline as they traded away Andrew Miller, Carlos Beltran, and Aroldis Chapman.

However, with Garry Sanchez’s historic run after being called up to the big leagues in August, the Yankees made a late-season playoff push. That fell up short as the team finished with 86 wins, but the team showed enough promise to stay out of the cellar of this list.

#8: 2014

The 2014 team was a major disappointment. Despite adding Jacoby Ellsbury, Carlos Beltran, Brian McCann, and Masahiro Tanaka, the Yankees won only 84 games and missed the playoffs.

The reason they come in ahead of the only other two teams to miss the playoffs on this list is due to Masahiro Tanka’s outstanding rookie start and the perfect ending to Derek Jeter’s career that makes the ending of 2014 one of the most memorable on this list.

#7: 2015

2015 saw the Yankees end a two year playoff drought but by no means blew any one away. Alex Rodriguez enjoyed a comeback season slugging 33 home runs which included his 3000th hit.

However, the team failed to hang on to a seven game division lead they held in July and got shoutout in the AL Wildcard game by the Astros.

#6: 2011

The 2011 Yankees won 97 games and took back the AL East crown Tampa took from them in 2010.

However, the team fell short in the ALDS against the Tigers as the Yankees could not get enough out of their starting rotation. It was a solid year but not one that stands out.

#5: 2018

The 2018 Yankees won 100 games in Aaron Boone’s first season as manager. However, the team could not fight off the Red Sox in the AL East and fell short against them in the ALDS including a game three that was the worst playoff loss in team history.

Despite this the Yankees saw young core players Gleyber Torres and Miguel Andujar make major impacts which has fans excited for the future.

#4: 2010

The Yankees did not win the AL East in 2010 but still were able to get within two wins of the world series as they hoped to defend their world series title from 2009.

The Yankees swept through the Twins in the ALDS and put up a close fight but fell short in the ALCS with Texas. Despite the tough ending it wasn’t a bad year in terms of title defense which is among the hardest feats in baseball.

#3: 2012

The 2012 Yankees were the last team from the Bronx to win the AL East. This is a team that still has people thinking what if?

After beating the Orioles in a tight five game ALDS the Yankees forced extra innings in game one of the ALCS with the Tigers. Then it all fell apart as Derek Jeter suffered a broken leg. The Yankees ended up being swept. If Jeter stays healthy it may have been a very different series and end result for the 2012 Yankees.

#2: 2017

The 2017 Yankees did not win the AL East and only finished with 91 wins, but they accomplished more than any team outside of the 2009 world champions.

Aaron Judge put together the best rookie season in MLB History, the team came back from a 2-0 hole against an Indians team that won over 100 games and won the ALDS, and the Yankees fell one game short of a world series birth.

#1: 2009

103 regular season wins, an ALDS sweep and ALCS and World Series domination.

This Yankees team ranks among the best in team history and is the best team on this list.

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