Could The Yankees Use Another Starting Pitcher?

The Yankees have made multiple moves this offseason in order to improve their starting rotation, but could they still use another arm?

The New York Yankees have finally moved on from Sonny Gray. But following Gray’s departure, the rumors began swirling that the Yankees were looking into acquiring another starting pitcher. In this piece, we will look at three potential starters for the Yankees to target.

Gio Gonzalez

In a previous article about the many free agents still available Gio Gonzalez was one of the names we mentioned. Gonzalez is a crafty lefty veteran who has had an underrated career. New York’s current rotation consists of Luis Severino, James Paxton, Masahiro Tanaka, JA Happ, and CC Sabathia.

Due to a heart procedure, the Yankees will likely not want to rely on Sabathia for too many innings. Having a guy like Gio Gonzalez in the fold would give the Yanks options in the back end of the rotation. Plus a guy they could use in the bullpen if needed.

Roenis Elias

The Yankees have a number of options on the free agent market, but a possibility that the Yankees GM Brian Cashman could look into is a trade with the “One a Day Trader” Seattle Mariners GM Jerry DiPoto. The Seattle Mariners are in the midst of a rebuild and could make a move for a young Yankee Minor League starter.

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If DiPoto is looking for younger more controllable pitchers, the Yankees could look to Roenis Elias. Elias has a career ERA just under 4.00. And although thirty years old, Elias has only pitched 338 innings in his career. Meaning Elias should have a lot left in his left arm. And. That should be very appealing to the Yankees.

Madison Bumgarner

Now if you are paying attention thus far, you will have noticed the pattern of selection. That pattern is left-handed starters. Madison Bumgarner was once one of the elite pitchers in Major League Baseball, but injuries took their toll.

Bumgarner, however, is still a high-level asset as a starter. And while the acquisition cost for Madison will be higher than the price for Gio Gonzalez (just money), or Roenis Elias (mid-level prospects) the cost for Bumgarner are no longer astronomical. Because of injuries, age, and impending free agency the cost, although high, would be attainable with one high-level prospect and a package of mid to low tiered minor leaguers.

Bumgarner arriving in New York would effectively bump Sabathia to a long man, 6th starter type of a roll. But it would give the Yankees a much better starting five.

Is It Likely?

While yes, the likelihood of Brian Cashman and the Yankees finding another starting pitcher is high. There are many options available. And these three names are merely a starting point. Brian Cashman has become synonymous with pulling off trades no one was expecting.

So, when it comes to Cash, we should expect something to get done. Even if we aren’t able to do more than simply speculate on who it may be in the end.


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