Yankees: Imagining Bryce Harper In New York

It may seem like a far fetched idea at this point, but as the days go by its difficult not to imagine what Bryce Harper would look like on the Yankees.  

Picture this:  It is a beautiful Sunday night at Yankee Stadium and the Yankees are playing their rival the Boston Red Sox on ESPN.  A-Rod is on the call and he can’t stop gushing over the vaunted Yankees lineup with Bryce Harper batting third.

The Bronx Zoo is in full effect.  Whether it be the summer haze or the fact that Bryce Harper is up in the batter’s box in the bottom of the ninth inning, down one with Aaron Judge on first base.

From here on out it’s history.  This game has so many implications.  A push towards first place in the AL East, bragging rights, the Yankees need this game.  The monumental free-agent signee Bryce Harper is on the biggest stage of his life.

The Yankees Have One Of The Best Rotations In MLB

Sure, he was in the NLDS a few times, but this right here is the pinnacle of baseball.  Yankees-Red Sox, Sunday night, the whole world is watching. Pinstripes can be earned here folks.  That pure lefty swing into the short porch we have seen countless times.  For the Yankees, heck for baseball, Harper needs to send Yankees universe into oblivion.

Harper was brought into this world to be a Yankee, to use that short porch, to send this ball to the moon off of Craig Kimbrel (Hoping he resigns with Boston).

With a sudden swing of the bat, Yankee Stadium erupts.

“BALLGAME OVER! YANKEES WIN! THEEEEEEEEEE YANKEES WIN!” We hear the voice of John Sterling exclaim.

We could still see that ball in orbit as Yankee fans. If Bryce Harper wasn’t already the most popular player in baseball, he sure is now.  The best team, the best fans, and now the best player all in one city.

A night we will never forget.  Death Star complete.

Bryce Harper is a bonafide generational talent that would fit perfectly in the Yankees lineup, as well as Yankee Stadium. It would be foolish for the Yankees to not capitalize on this superstar outfielder.

Cashman, please sign this man.


  1. I agree 100%. I have never understood the statement that he is not a fit made by Cashman. They could have packaged Hicks with Gray, used a platoon of Gardner and Frazier in center and played Harper in left. Regardless of the moves they would make, Harper would be huge with Yanks.

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