Yankees: Aaron Judge Launches The All Rise Foundation (Video)

Aaron Judge is undoubtedly the face of the New York Yankees, and now he has launched his own foundation in order to support the youth in the community.


He can simply do no wrong and it is only a matter of time before he is named the new captain of the New York Yankees, Aaron Judge is the total package. Now with launching his own foundation, it makes his image even better.

Judge made the announcement on Twitter early Sunday morning with a video of him speaking at a podium in front of many guests describing the Aaron Judge All Rise Foundation. Judge’s goal is to support the youth in the community and make sure the youth know that Judge has their support.

“For me, it’s always about having a good attitude. Treat your teammates with respect, put them first and do everything you can for the team — and your team will do pretty well,” Judge told about 200 Little Leaguers from in November during his first Aaron Judge All Rise Foundation Baseball ProCamp.

Yankees fans shouldn’t have one bone to pick with the way Judge has handled his Yankees career so far. He has been everything the Yankees could have asked for, and then some. The launch of his own foundation reminds many of when former Yankee legend Derek Jeter launched his Turn 2 Foundation at the beginning of his career that has gone on to do great things.

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The All Rise Foundation surely has the potential to do amazing things and with Aaron Judge behind it, there is no telling how far it could go.

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