Yankees: Thank You, Hall of Famer, Mariano Rivera

With Mariano Rivera recently being inducted to the Hall of Fame as the first unanimous decision, we decided to write him a farewell letter.

In one of the easiest decisions in Hall of Fame voting history, the New York Yankees all-time great closer Mariano Rivera was unanimously voted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. And in this piece, I say Thank You to the greatest ever.

Greatest of All Time

Mariano Rivera, the son of a Panamanian fisherman, Mariano spent all of his 19 seasons in Major League Baseball with the New York Yankees. We all know the numbers. Mo has 652 games saved, 952 games finished, of which both stats he holds the all-time record. And a man who across 19 seasons pitched to an ERA of 2.21. Mariano Rivera is without question the greatest to ever pitch in this game.

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The Enter Sandman Effect

I had the absolute pleasure of growing up and watching the entirety of Mariano’s career. Being able to witness his entire career there are so many moments that spring to memory. I ‘m sure that is the case for all Yankee fans. If you ever had the honor of watching Mo enter the ballpark, with “Enter Sandman” by Metallica blaring through the PA system. You knew once those bullpen doors swung open it was game over.

Thank You, Mo

So with the announcement of Mariano as the first ever unanimous Hall of Famer, I too want to pay my respects. Mariano for 19 seasons of triumphs and exciting moments, I say thank you. For all the times you exited the bullpen, and I could breathe a sigh of relief, I say thank you. I say thank you, for every one of the 652 Pinstriped saves. For being a first ballot Hall of Fame man, I say thank you. And for being a Godly man and example, Mariano Rivera, I say thank you. Que Dios te bendigas, mi hermano. The Hall of Fame now has the greatest closer ever added to its ranks. Congratulations, Mariano.

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