Yankees: Miguel Andujar Is The 2019 X-factor

The Yankees have a number of players poised for breakout seasons in 2019, but none of them are bigger of an x-factor than Miguel Andujar.

The New York Yankees are poised to have a monumental season in 2019 and when looking at this club as presently constructed, there are many people that could take hold of the mantle of X Factor. The man that stands out is Miguel Andujar. Andujar has been involved in many offseason discussions in many different aspects.

We’ll explain the three reasons why Miguel Andujar is the Yankees 2019 X Factor.

Different Hitter Than the Rest

One of the thing that separates Miguel Andujar from the rest of the Yankees lineup is his bat to ball ability. Batting average is not a perfect stat, but it’s a good starting point. Andujar’s batting average in 2018 was .297 the next closest was Aaron Judge at .278. Andujar would put his extra-base skills on full display. And looking forward to 2019 Andujar should continue that development.

Defensive Worries No More

The biggest knock on Miguel Andujar has been his defense and the fact that he had 15 errors in 2018. Throughout the season, Miguel got better defensively. We have also been told countless times that Andujar works very hard at improving those defensive woes and that hard work will pay off in the long run. And let’s make mention of something quickly here.

Derek Jeter is a five-time Gold Glover despite never being seen as a great defender. In Jeter’s rookie season, he committed 22 errors. Now that’s not to say that Miguel will win five Gold Gloves, but defense can improve.

On the MLB Network Series Top 10 Third Basemen Right Now, MLB Network Analyst Mike Lowell said that Andujar could be a superstar because his defense can be improved. But hitting is a more difficult skill to learn.

Chipped Off

The Yankees entire offseason was seemingly built around Manny Machado and trading Miguel Andujar for starting pitching. And that will be the catalyst for a big 2019 campaign that Miguel will say “MANNY WHO???” Miguel Andujar’s “Poor” defense will improve, and his offensive ability will continue to grow. In the Yankees lineup, Andujar should be put into a dominant position that will see him have 100 RBI’s And no one will be looking to Manny Machado or even the 2019 free agent Nolan Arenado because Miguel Andujar will lock in and grab hold of third base.


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