Yankees: Three Bold Predictions for 2019

2019 has the making of a potentially special season in the Bronx. It’s time to make some bold predictions for the Yankees heading into next season.

The New York Yankees enter 2019 having not played in the World Series in a decade. This is a complete an utter failure by Yankees standards.

However, there’s a reason for optimism. The Yankees improved their rotation, seem to be the front-runners for Manny Machado and have a solid young core in place.

The Red Sox, Astros, and Indians also all took hits this offseason which could push the Yankees closer to the top.

In 2019 there may be some predictability. The Yankees and Red Sox will be battling all year long for the AL East, Giancarlo Stanton will hit at least 30 home runs, and the Bronx Bombers will play on Sunday Night Baseball far too often.

However, there are always surprises in baseball. Let’s try to predict some of them with some 2019 bold predictions.

1. Miguel Andujar gets moved before February 1

If the indications are true Manny Machado is going to be a Yankee. Machado followed the YES Network which broadcasts the majority of the team’s games and has had one verified reporter tweet out that he would indeed join the team.

Thus, unless the Yankees move Miguel Andujar to first base, there’s no room for him.

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If New York does sign Machado, they will likely look to move Andujar for a front-line starter or top-notch reliever. I believe the deal gets done quick as a number of teams will offer the Yankees big-time packages for the rookie of the year runner-up.

2. Jacoby Ellsbury plays at least 50 games

This one may make Yankee fans laugh or cringe but, Brian Cashman was adamant that Jacoby Ellsbury would be a part of the 2019 Yankees. If Ellsbury gets through spring training healthy and Cashman stays true to his word about not bringing in Bryce Harper, there’s no reason why Ellsbury wouldn’t or shouldn’t get a shot.

I say he plays 50 games before something takes him off the field.

3. Yankees battle the Tampa Bay Rays in the ALCS

Here’s the boldest of them all. The Rays are the third best team in the division behind the Yankees and Red Sox.

There’s a good chance New York could be a wild card team again as the Red Sox will have a similar roster to the one they won a world series title in 2019.

However, I’m going to predict it’s the Yankees and Rays in the ALCS No Red Sox, Astros, Indians or A’s.

The Rays won 90 games a year ago, have a bullpen with incredible depth, the Cy Young winner, and a lineup that is disrespected. There’s also a good chance they bring in a big-time power bat before the season begins.

The Rays were a team no team wanted to see in September, and I believe they put it together from the get-go in 2019 and reach the playoffs and yes maybe as division champions.

For now, I’ll predict Boston, and Tampa earn the wild cards, and the Yankees win the east.

Tampa takes down Boston then the AL win leading Astros while the Bronx Bombers take care of the AL Central-winning Indians.

Yankees/Rays 2019 ALCS book it. Or maybe don’t…

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