Manny Machado Rumors To Ring In The New Year

The “Manny Machado to the Yankees” rumors have been running rampant all offseason so far and it seems like the rumors are continuing into the new year.

It has been speculated on this entire offseason: Will Manny Machado sign with the Yankees? Most respected baseball writers have said Manny wants to go to New York, but the Yankees will probably not be the highest bidder. Recently, several people without the strongest credentials have said Manny to New York is a sure thing. Can we put any stock into these rumors?

Dan Clark Calls It Early

Who is Dan Clark? He’s got an infamous blue checkmark from Twitter, so he’s not your run-of-the-mill random person. He used to cover the Orioles for MASN, and he runs his own sports reporting website called “The Big Leagues Daily.

How does he know?

Oh. Well, seeing as Dan used to cover the Orioles, it’s not exactly a stretch to think that he might have contact with an ex-teammate of Machado. Also, even though he’s not a journalist from a mainstream outlet, his career is built around sports reporting, so he does have something to lose by throwing out baseless rumors.

So how do we take this? Obviously, with a grain of salt. However, Dan is a reporter with a source and he’s relaying that source’s information. This is the type of information that would be taken as gospel in certain other spheres of journalism (whether that’s a good thing or not is another conversation…).

Can Jim Leyritz Go 2 for 2?

Jim Leyritz?

Yes, that Jim Leyritz. Jim is a beloved former Yankee with two World Series rings, and last year he actually broke the Giancarlo Stanton trade three days before it was announced.

Stanton was officially dealt on December 11, 2017.

So, does Jim actually know what’s going on with Machado? Well, in his own words he’s betting on it, but it’s still not a sure thing. Obviously, as a former player, Leyritz still has MLB connections and is privy to some insider information. Is he getting that information from people who have directly talked to Manny or the Yankees? We don’t really know, but you might bet on it…

Manny Follows YES Network on Instagram

This isn’t exactly a rumor. PinstripePOV tweeted that Manny Machado’s Instagram account now follows YES Network.

And AndrewwM_ confirmed.

A real who’s who of baseball journalism breaking this.

What does this mean?



There you have it folks, some people who may or may not have reliable sources are saying Manny will sign with the Yankees, and Manny followed YES, but since no one representing Manny Machado or the Yankees has officially told this Ken Rosenthal that it’s a done deal, we cannot place him in pinstripes just yet.

UPDATE: Manny Machado unfollowed YES Network on Instagram. So, of course, that seals the deal.

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