Yankees: 3 Players Deserving Of Contract Extensions

The Yankees have many players that add significant contributions to their ballclub, but which players are most deserving of an extension?

The New York Yankees are at an interesting point this offseason. As many of the top flight free agents are still on the market and always seemingly connected to the Yankees.

However, the Bronx Bombers don’t necessarily need to add everyone connected. Especially given the talent that already exists within the organization. So today we are going to look at three candidates the Yankees should consider signing to an extension.

Aaron Judge

Let’s start with an easy and obvious answer, Aaron Judge. Aaron Judge is the heart and soul of this current Yankees team. Judge has already had a Rookie of the Year/could have been MVP winning type of season. Even though the 2018 season for Judge was cut shorter than it should have been due to injury. Aaron still had a tremendous year.

In 2018, Judge hit 27 home runs, had 67 RBIs in just 112 games. With that in mind, New York should look to extend Aaron Judge now. Judge will turn 27 early in the season and if the Yanks were to offer an eight-year deal they could buy out his years of arbitration and a few years of free agency.

Gary Sanchez

This pick is one that is a bit more controversial choice. Gary Sanchez is coming off a very bad season in 2018. Even though Sanchez struggled and many Yankee fans have written him off. I am not one of them.

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Many fans are calling for the trade of Sanchez based on his 2018 season and while the acquisition of Realmuto would help the team somewhat. It would not be worth the cost of losing Sanchez. Gary could be offered a 6-7 year deal and because he is coming off his 2018 campaign the Yanks could look to lower the total amount of the deal.

Aaron Hicks

The third candidate for an extension is Aaron Hicks. Hicks was arguably the best center fielder in 2018, not named Mike Trout. When New York’s GM Brian Cashman made the trade for Hicks several years ago it was viewed as a questionable move.

It took Hicks a couple of seasons to find his path. But now Aaron has seemed to find his stride and the Yankees should look to extend him now. Hicks had his best season in 2018 and the Yankees should try to lock him up for three to four years. It will allow the Yankees to capitalize on the prime of Hicks career.


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