Report: Yankees To Meet With Manny Machado On Wednesday

With rumors running wild around the Yankees potential interest in Manny Machado, the two sides will meet in the Bronx on Wednesday. 

So far this offseason if you have been paying any attention to the Yankees then you should be aware that there is no escaping the Manny Machado rumors. There are new developments seemingly daily with little to no progress being made.

However, it does seem like Machado is looking to get the ball rolling on making his decision by meeting with a few of his potential suitors.

According to George A. King III of the New York Post, the New York Yankees and Manny Machado will be meeting in New York on Wednesday. This is news that could either be taken as New York just doing due diligence or that they are seriously interested in Machado.

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Yankees fans who are all against signing the all-star infielder will probably not be too happy to hear that the club will be having a meeting with him. Much of the disparity regarding Machado comes from his lack of hustle, which is understandably something fans do not take too kindly to.

However, Machado does seem like he has learned from his past mistakes and looks to continue working hard to help whichever team he is on next season.

“When I was asked that question, I was definitely on the defensive, and I was wrong to answer it the way that I did, because looking back, it doesn’t come across how I meant it,” Machado said in an interview with “For me, I was trying to talk about how I’m not the guy who is eye wash. There’s a difference between fake hustle for show and being someone who tries hard to win. I’ve always been the guy who does whatever he can to win for his team.”

One could only imagine what it would be like just to be a fly on the wall for that meeting. We will continue to follow this story and identify any updates that may take place.

Stay tuned to Unhinged Yankees for up-to-date offseason information. 

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