Yankees 2018 Positional Report Cards: Center Field

The Yankees, are currently well into their offseason, so let’s take a look at how their center fielders performed this past season. 

From the left field position, we move towards a more stable place for the New York Yankees, the center field spot. Stability and Reliability are a couple of words that will be thrown around a lot in this article. Aaron Hicks, with his clutchness and overall great ball-playing skills to Jacoby Ellsbury and not playing baseball at all.

Let’s get into the good, the bad and the oh so ugly of the Centerfielders.

Jacoby Ellsbury

As you may already know when it comes to the grades of these players, I’m rather harsh on most of them.  Most of those players don’t deserve the beating I give them and at the end of the day, they are an asset to the team I know and love. That brings us to Jacoby McCabe Ellsbury, a once phenom in Boston, now an injury prone nuisance in New York.

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A hyperbole to some but I believe Ellsbury’s current contract with the New York Yankees is one of the worst in the teams’ long history. Now, why even include a man who didn’t play a single inning of baseball this season? Maybe I wanted a platform to stress my grievances against this man. It’s not his fault that he has been hurt all this time but for a fan of the Yankees, it’s hard to like what he’s done.

Grade: Injured during Grading Process out 4-6 months with hurt fingers (F-)

Aaron Hicks

Aaron Hicks has been with the Yankees for three seasons now and the 29-year-old Center fielder is getting better with age. After battling with injuries in 2017, Aaron Hicks bounced back with his best season offensively in his career. Hicks boasted a .248 batting average 27 home runs and 79 runs batted in.

Aaron Hicks may not be the best Aaron in the outfield, but he’s certainly a reliable player when push comes to shove. Defensively, Hicks seems to make acrobatic catch after acrobatic catch in the outfield. With Hicks under arbitration for one more year, it seems like his time as a New York Yankee maybe be dwindling down but in 2018, Hicks performed fantastically despite a lower batting average. I welcome another year of Mr.Reliable himself (Until the Yankees sign Bryce Harper that is)

Grade: C+

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