Yankees 2018 Positional Report Cards: Left Field

The New York Yankees, are currently well into their offseason, so let’s take a look at how their left fielders performed this past year. 

With the outfield depth chart the way it was for the New York Yankees season, its tough to put players in a designated role in the outfield. With constant shifts due to injury, many players were called upon to play in the outfield for the Yankees this past season.  So who played Leftfield and how’d they do? Let’s find out together:

Clint Frazier

It’s tough to include Clint Frazier on this list because of his injury woes this season. Frazier was only able to play 15 out of the possible 182 games he was eligible due to a concussion injury that took a major toll on the young star. This was a rough time to get hurt as the New York Yankees desperately needed help in the outfield with injuries causing the Yankees to trade for another once bright young star.

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Going over Frazier’s numbers wouldn’t be fair as he didn’t get a fair shake before getting hurt. He did finish with zero home runs but I’d like to think he would have at least one if the Devil Ray’s park wasn’t completely garbage (similar to the team). Since these are seasonal grades, I have to sadly give Frazier a bad grade.  With all that being said, Frazier is going to be an amazing asset for a baseball organization down the road, Yankees or not I root for Frazier to be a great ball player.

Grade: F

Andrew McCutchen

Andrew McCutchen was acquired midway through the Yankees campaign in part due to  Aaron Judge’s wrist injury.  Cutch brought a veteran presence to a very young team that sorely needed it. McCutchen played in 25 games for the Yankees in the regular season and brought a decent stat line for the once All-Star player.

In those 25 games, Andrew McCutchen racked up 22 hits in total with five being home runs. McCutchen was a clutch player and exactly what the Yankees needed in hard times. Cutch was a value in the field also, which is to be expected from a player like McCutchen. The question looms over McCutchen’s future in pinstripes. With rumors of Bryce Harper swirling and Frazier becoming healthy, it seems as the outfield in the Bronx is a little too crowded for a Veteran like Andrew McCutchen.

Grade: C+

Brett Gardner

Brett Gardner is the epitome of the term “Veteran”.  Gardner has been with the New York Yankees for over Ten years now and with a one year contract through 2019, Gardner is here to stay.  2018 was actually a down year for the Gardy Party, having his worst batting average since his debut in 2008 but the one time Gold Glove winner and All-Star still shows flashes of why he is a mainstay in the Yankees clubhouse.

With the likes of Frazier, Judge, and Hicks, Gardner is being slightly weened out of the day to day line up.  The likelihood of Gardner taking the DH spot isn’t likely with that being held on by Stanton for the foreseeable future. Gardner would hit 12 home runs and drive in 45 runs in his 609 plate appearances, which again, is on the low side for Brett Gardner.

At 35 years of age, it may be time for Gardy to be ready to switch from everyday player to more of a utility player going forward. Don’t get me wrong, I will forever and always love a Gardy Party.

Grade: C

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