Unhinged Yankees Staff Offseason Predictions

With the offseason just getting underway, the Unhinged Yankees team is going to give you their predictions for the upcoming months. 

The 2018-2019 offseason is only just a few weeks old so far for the New York Yankees, but they have already gotten to work. Brian Cashman has made a deal to acquire LHP James Paxton from the Seattle Mariners to strengthen the top of the starting rotation.

This year’s free agent class looks like one of the strongest we have seen in quite a while. Numerous stars including Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, Patrick Corbin, and Dallas Keuchel are out on the open market. The Yankees also have quite a few players that are free agents and may not return to New York next year.

Let’s take a look at our staff predictions:

Patrick Hennessy

Additions: Bryce Harper, Daniel Murphy, and Patrick Corbin

Subtractions: Andrew McCutchen, David Robertson, Sonny Gray, and Zach Britton

Resignings: Zach Britton

This is going to be quite the interesting offseason for the New York Yankees and the rest of Major League Baseball. With my predictions, I decided to take a fantasy approach. I do understand that it is unlikely the Yankees sign all of these players, but I feel these moves could make the Yankees division favorites in 2019.

Bryce Harper should be an obvious signing for the Yankees despite their “lack of interest” they are showing so far. He is the type of hitter that would thrive in Yankee Stadium and fill a much-needed hole in the lineup for a left-handed bat with Didi Gregorius injured. He also creates less controversy in the clubhouse than Machado would and has seemingly outgrown his non-hustling issues.

Daniel Murphy could fill the hole in the middle infield between second and first base. He is a left-handed contact hitter that would fit perfectly in a Yankees lineup that is currently relying heavily on the home run. A reunion with Zach Britton doesn’t need any explanation, we already know that he is a perfect fit to return to the Yankees pen next season.

The signing of Patrick Corbin will round-out the starting rotation and give the Yankees a much-improved starting rotation. Corbin wants to be in New York and the Yankees are reportedly heavily interested in the left-hander. It will virtually come down to how many years New York wants to offer the left-hander.

Max Mannis

Additions: Manny Machado, Patrick Corbin, Scooter Gennett, Adam Ottavino

Subtractions: Zach Britton, Sonny Gray, Chance Adams

Resignings: David Robertson

Brian Cashman has suggested that starting pitching will be team’s main focus this offseason, and he addresses that by bringing in Patrick Corbin from Arizona to cement the team’s rotation as Luis Severino, Patrick Corbin, James Paxton, Masahiro Tanaka, and CC Sabathia.

The Yankees finally have a respectable rotation that they can confidently throw at Houston or Boston come October. But we know all too well that when a big name free agent wants to come to New York, Cashman won’t just let that opportunity slip away. So he also brings in Manny Machado to play shortstop and then slides over to third base when Didi Gregorius returns, and Miguel Andujar perhaps becomes expendable or learns to play a new position. Machado becomes yet another illustrious name in a lineup already packed with stars.

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Sonny Gray and Chance Adams are packaged together in a deal for Cincinnati’s Scooter Gennett, who can play second base and also has experience playing third base and the corner outfield positions. Gennett becomes a key utility option to play the role Neil Walker played on the 2018 Yankees, albeit much more talented and getting many more starts instead of just starting when the regular starters go down with injuries or need days off. Finally, Cashman resigns David Robertson and signs Colorado’s Adam Ottavino to keep the Yankees’ bullpen dominant.

Jalen Robinson


** James Paxton – The Yankees acquired James Paxton Monday afternoon from the Seattle Mariners in exchange for SP Justus Sheffield, RP Erik Swanson, and OF Don Thompson-Williams

Adam Ottavino – The Yankees had two huge parts of their bullpen become free agents in David Robertson & Zach Britton. With Britton enjoying his time spent on a contending team, and his satisfaction with the care of the Yankees faculty for his family, I see the Yankees bringing him back. That leaves a right-handed slot in the bullpen to replace. Enter Ottavino. A New York City kid who grew up a Yankee fan (according to former teammate and current Yankee Tommy Kahnle), Ottavino would fit perfect in the Bombers bullpen.

Patrick Corbin – Brian Cashman made it clear that the Yankees offseason blueprint was centered around acquiring high end starting pitching. He specifically noted that the club was looking to import two guys under that description after bringing back CC, Paxton was the first, and the second aligns perfectly to be the New York-born Patrick Corbin who is coming off his best year so far. He is due for a payday but has stressed his admiration for the Yankees, so Corbin could potentially come as a slight bargain.

Manny Machado – Could we see A-Rod part 2? Aside from pitching, the Yankees have yet to tip their hand on who is in their offseason plans. Rumors continue to swirl of the Yankees interest in both Machado and Bryce Harper, 2 players who have not hidden their desire to play in the Bronx. The more likely, however, (barring the Yankees pull off a complete Evil Empire move and sign both), is Manny Machado. With Didi sidelined until at least July, the glaring struggles of the Yankees infield defense will step even further into light. Add that onto the Yankees issues with hitting w/ RISP, Machado would absolutely improve this club. We’ll see if the Yankees front office’s due diligence on Manny is enough to OK a long-term commitment to the 26-year-old.

Scooter Gennett – A bit of a more under the radar move, the Yankees need a bit of depth, well, everywhere. Assuming they sign Machado, he could be asked to play shortstop. However, as Brian Cashman noted on air with Mike Francesa, his best position is 3rd base. A move to bring in a guy like Scooter Gennett could allow the Yankees to run Machado out to 3rd, Gleyber to short, Andujar at 1B or DH and Gennett at 2nd. Once and if Didi returns, Scooter then becomes a viable supersub, much like Marwin Gonzalez.


Sonny Gray – The Yankees have made it very clear that Sonny Gray will be moved this winter. Gray was a promising acquisition for the Yankees but never panned out.

David Robertson – Rumors have gone around indicating that veteran Yankees are unhappy with Robertson after his part in the distribution of playoff shares. It’s unclear whether the Yankees will factor this into a potential reunion, but it may be time to go another direction regardless.

J.A. Happ – With the Yankees only looking to add one more starting pitcher, Happ would be the odd man out if Corbin signs. Happ was relatively pricey at the deadline (Brandon Drury & Billy Mckinney), and he will probably want more years than the Yankees are willing to offer.

Andrew McCutchen – It was fun to watch former MVP Andrew McCutchen in pinstripes for about a month. Something Yankees fans probably dreamed about in 2013. He provided much-needed spark to the top of the lineup down the stretch, but he is likely to be offered a starting job at a more comfortable position.

Paraskevas Xenophontos


Bryce Harper- I believe the Yankees will sign Bryce to play first. Yankees need another left-handed batter in the lineup and though people say the Yankees aren’t looking into him, I believe them signing Harper for first base will be the biggest surprise to all.

Patrick Corbin- Signing Corbin gives the Yankees the final piece to improve their rotation. After acquiring Paxton, a rotation of Severino, Paxton, Corbin, Tanaka, and CC is a solid rotation for this young Yankees team.

Andrew Miller- A Miller- Yankees reunion will definitely help continue to make the Yankees bullpen one of the best in the league.

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Re-Signs: Britton, Robertson- I could see the Yankees definitely bringing back the key pieces to their bullpen.


Gray & Bird: These are two names that have been mentioned in trade talks since the deadline. I see Cashman packaging the two in a trade to either Cincinnati or Oakland.

Jason Anderson


Manny Machado- Unfortunately for The New York Yankees fans, Manny Machado putting on pinstripes is almost a foregone conclusion at this point. I truly believe that Machado brings the stats and talent to help the Yankees become champions of the baseball world again. All that being said, that doesn’t mean I have to like him.

Bryce Harper- Wait, What?! Harper and Machado? That’s right, Phillies can be pitiful once more as I believe the Yankees finally spend like the days of old. With Bryce apart of the New York Yankee organization, He brings the star power and big bat that would make the Yankees the most feared team of all time.

Dallas Keuchel- With Dallas Keuchel I believe the Yankees will, in the long run, be getting a better pitcher than Patrick Corbin. Corbin has the potential for greatness but also the potential for Ellsbury level contract hatred. Keuchel is the man the Yankees want in that rotation as they transition CC to a 6th man spot.

Scooter Gennett- While not a free agency signing, Scooter Gennett is the man to get in return for Sony Gray. Is this a personal preference cause I love Scooter? Maybe or maybe having Scooter there as a Neil Walker type Utility man would be just what the Yankees need.

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  1. Most of these are ridiculous purely based on the money it would take to sign them all. Even though they cleared the luxury tax, they still would get hit with the same penalty they strived to avoid if they go over $246 million, which most of these proposals would. Fantasyland article. Absurd.

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