Yankees: Best Reactions To The Paxton Trade

The Yankees have recently acquired James Paxton and Twitter had a blast with the deal. Let’s take a look at some of the best reactions.

In case you haven’t noticed, the second most important sports season is currently underway: Baseball’s offseason. The Yankees and General Manager Brian Cashman have been very busy thus far, signing veterans Brett Gardner and CC Sabathia to one-year deals and on Monday, the Yankees made a major splash, trading for James Paxton. Here are the best reactions from Yankees Twitter.

Here we go!!!

This will be on headlines everywhere.

Lest we forget, this is about winning a championship. It’s nice to stockpile prospects, but prospects usually don’t help you win NOW. The Yankees have a ton of prospects and some of them will have to be put on the 40-man roster, or be lost in the Rule 5 draft. Erik Swanson was one such player.

What was Paxton’s biggest highlight of the season?

A. An Eagle landing on him

B. A No-Hitter. (Hint: It’s B).

Jerry Dipoto is nothing if not a wheeler and dealer. I’m not sold that Dipoto got as much as he could have for Paxton, however, without knowing what else was on the table, that’s hard to determine. Apparently, the Astros would not part with Forrest Whitley.

Pretty good company, eh? Although, if you raise the minimum IP to 161, Paxton would fall off that list. Paxton certainly is ace material when he’s on the field, however, he’s never thrown more than the 160.1 IP he had last year. The injury history is troubling, to say the least.

Cashman: Wizard

Ok, maybe there is actually a little magic going on here…

Again, Paxton helps the Yankees RIGHT NOW. Sheffield is a good prospect, but he’s not an elite major league arm yet (and he may never get there). The Yankees were one win from the World Series in 2017 and had 100 wins in 2018. They are built to compete for a championship and cannot simply wait for young pitchers to develop.

He better be ready.

Slap a mustache on that baby-face.

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