Yankees: All Signs Are Pointing To A Spending Spree

The offseason is just getting underway and all signs are beginning to point to what is set to be a spending spree for the New York Yankees.

In the fast-paced, high octane environment that it the New York media and fan market every move made by the Yankees is over scrutinized. Thus the resigning of Brett Gardner and CC Sabathia for under $10 Million (respectively) drew some ire from fans. However, let’s make one thing very known, the Yankees front office is not done with their construction of the 2019 New York Yankees and if I can add a little conjecture, they have only just begun.

Back End Stability

The Yanks are under the Luxury Tax Threshold, which simply put, allows them to spend money without a lot of penalties for doing so. Also not being financially shackled they can give out contracts that are a bit above what another club would offer, which brings us to Brett Gardner and CC Sabathia. Both Brett Gardner and CC Sabathia are the only remaining members of the last Yankee World Series team and with CC and Gardy being the longest tenured members of the team, they are the locker room leaders.

They are often looked to and given credit and praise from their teammates on their work ethic and willingness to do what is best for the team.

Proof of Purchase

The evidence of this was never more evident than during the 2019 postseason. When despite being the longest tenured Yankee Gardner openly took a bench role in favor of Andrew McCutchen, or as CC’s “stuff” has declined he hasn’t complained or groan openly about being removed from a game. As we have seen from other veteran pitchers (i.e., Rich Hill.)

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Instead, we see CC standing up and protecting his teammates. Recall during the season when CC cost himself an extra $ 500,000 for “protecting” teammate Austin Romine. For the Yankees, $15 Million means nothing, but the players that money brought back can mean the world to a rather young team.

Rumors and Speculations Running Wild

No matter where you turn in the New York media market the Yankees will always be connected to the high-priced, high-tier talent and despite many reports to the contrary, many still believe that Bryce Harper will end up a New York Yankee before then end of the 2018-2019 offseason.

However, the more likely scenario is that the second top-tier free agent talent Manny Machado will be the one to end up with the Yankees. Even Michael Kay on his daily show “TMKS” made his thoughts clear that he believes that Yankees are going to pursue Manny in a “serious way.”

The Yankees have also been connected to every top-flight starting pitcher available via free agency or trade and as many fans have been concerned that the Yankees efforts to bolster their team would end with Gardy and CC, GM Brian Cashman quelled that idea recently.

So, the Yankees pursuit of World Championship number 28 will not conclude with the resigning of CC Sabathia and Brett Gardner. Those are merely the beginning.

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